Shine in the Midst of Darkness

Updated on February 15, 2018

Darkness is a stage GOD has given us to display his light

— Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


Before GOD created planets the universe was dark. Before he created earth he said in his word that it was a dark place. For instance, in the Garden of Eden in chapter 3 it’s said that Satan came to the Garden. In the book of Job, it is said that he said that he was roaming to and fro the earth. It is proof all over the bible that darkness existed before we did and Satan was busy roaming in it but that is not really mentioned in today's society. Not saying to praise darkness but I am saying that it is there. It’s not going anywhere. It’s a reason it is there. Like GOD said LET THERE BE LIGHT in it so can you? If he said that obviously, it was dark before it. Personally, I use darkness as a stage like JESUS used it. When he was crucified he displayed love still. Got on that cross and asked GOD to forgive them. That’s what GOD’s faithful is supposed to do. Forget how busy Satan is and display our light in the midst of it. Darkness is a stage that all Christians must use to display their light in Christ. There are numerous stories in the bible where the light was displayed in really dark times. Below, these are the things one must remember in the midst of hard times. Follow these and you’d be fine.

Stay Faithful

After Satan told GOD he was roaming.
GOD told him to try.
Trying his servant Job.
Who was often known?
Known to be faithful.
Known to be grateful.
He was sure to pass the test.
Satan stood up for the challenge.
He took all his possessions.
Job cried but stood on the message.
When he was sick and lying in the bed.
His wife tried to make him lose focus.
Telling him to abort the mission.
Despite his pain, he called her foolish.
Through it all, he had to make.
His mind up to not lose his faith.

Give God the Glory Anyway

The wicked King Saul.
Chased David after he was called.
David was called to be king.
Which left David running and hiding.
Hiding out in darkness.
His friends were there all through it.
But he grew frustrated.
He was tired of running.
He often cried out to GOD.
He often made pleas to GOD.
He asked him to have mercy.
But always gave GOD the glory.


Jeremiah the prophet.
Was known to be tenderhearted.
His heart broke for the Nation.
Who refused to listen.
Refused to listen to GOD’s word.
They rejected every single word.
Before it proceeded from his mouth.
Something Jeremiah couldn’t figure out.
The people wanted to hear what they liked.
They chose darkness over light.
Nothing came to pass by false prophets.
Jeremiah just couldn’t stand it.
Jeremiah tied to turn them.
To repent before GOD judges them.
Knowing GOD told him before.
That the people will ignore.
The people will ignore him.
Jerimiah knew they'd be captive.
But his heart was just to tender.
He wanted them delivered.
Like them, he had to suffer.
But he knew he will be delivered.
His problem from the start.
Was the tenderness in his heart.


There are plenty more stories in the bible that can explain this. Job did not allow what he was going through to make him deny GOD. Despite David being chased he continued to praise GOD. He complained like any other human being but he remembered who is in control of it all. Lastly is Jerimiah. The heart was in the right place but he disobeyed GOD because of it. In the midst of a storm, you cannot do that. In each of the stories used notice the different steps. Job rarely complained. GOD already told the devil what he stood for. David complained but kept himself in check reminding himself. Jerimiah’s heart was just too soft. When GOD is going to judge his people he is going to do it. Don’t be defiant because of how you feel. That’s why people do are quick to say THE DEVIL THIS AND THAT when really it's not him. It's GOD. Things get hard but we always must display GOD’s light in the darkness.

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© 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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