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Shifting Blame

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When she was a child she was not orderly and her parents have been telling

Her of the need to be orderly, but she does not listen. This continues until her

Teenage days and then her parents noticed that disorderliness was not only the

Issue with her, she is now lazy because of this laziness, she becomes dirty.

Because she will be procrastinating what she ought to do till another time until

The thing gets worse for her. When her parents notice this they started talking to

Her of the need to change because if she continues like that it will affect her

In the future and may discourage men from getting married to her. Any time her

Parents talk to her about this, she would change and behave herself for some days

And would afterwards return to her ways of living, procrastinating and dirtiness.

As fate would have it, the person she becomes married to was working in another

Island and hardly pays her a visit, she was the one who used to go to her spouse until

They were joined together as husband and wife. After the wedding the man who is

Orderly and hates dirtiness notices that his wife hardly considers these and he would be

Repeating the same thing daily of the need to tidy up herself, get everything straightened

Out and above all cleaning the house. But she never changes, after repeated argument

About this the man started adjusting to her way of life, he learns to live with her, to avoid

Separation. The man’s friend has known the attitude of the woman and some of his friends

Who could not condone dirtiness hardly visits the man again. They had been living

Together for 15 years like this. One day the man makes a business trip to another island

But he did not return alive as he had a ghastly accident and died on the spot. As the culture

Shift The Blame

Of the island demands, the woman, now a widow would stay in doors for weeks to

Mourn her husband. During this period of mourning people would be visiting her to give

Her things, buy things for her from the market, for a widow is not expected to leave her

Abode for anything until that day be fulfilled when people visit her during this period

They noticed her disorderliness and dirtiness. People will tell her that she needs to take

Care of herself because her husband is gone, “cleanliness is next to godliness and healthy

Living” they will tell her. Irrespective of how depressed she is because of the death

Of her husband that would not bring her husband back to life, and if she continues in

That estate that would degenerate to another thing which she will not like. As friends

Continue to tell her that she needs to take care of herself and her abode what she

Would be saying was it is the death of her husband that has been tying her down. Those

Who had known her attitude before now say between them that before her husband’s

Death that has been her nature, procrastinating which is subtle form of saying a person

Is lazy, she has been lazy right from the word go, but they hope now that her husband is

Gone, she would change with time, because there is no one who will stand in the gap for

Her like her husband has been doing…


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