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She's Different! the Earth

I created a poem that let my daughter understand the earth of today, that is different from the world of her grandparents years.

#ShesdifferentTheEarth #TheEarth #PoemTheEarthofToday

She’s different! The Earth

The weather today is different

The earth is becoming emotional

It's raining now and later it’s sunny

Children of today knows well of gadgets

First year of a baby is still crying,

Then in the second year played mobile phones

Or watching youtube videos

The couple of today get married

And the next month they got choked of their relationship

In a relationship that met but not destined

Why should this be?

Hay! This is the life I grew up with

Maybe this is what they call it

New world, new century

That was different in the world of my grandparents

The pandemic is here

The whole world was paused of a war

A war that ended millions of lives,

Vaccines have become the work of experts

She is different

It's different

He is different

She's different! The Earth

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