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She's a Wild Child

Shannon is a passionate individual whose feelings and thoughts tend spill onto the pages, often in the form of poetry and sometimes essays.


You're a wild child, stubborn and untamed

Always changing, yet somehow the same

Afraid to trust, afraid to love

Afraid to open up

What's the point of trying If you end up crying

There's no doubt about it

When it's too late to pull the reins and quit

Without your armor

You are forced to barter

Assuming your currency's the same

And everyone is game

Then comes the dreadful moment of truth

When there's nothing else left to lose

It's all already been placed upon the table

Has it all been real or just some silly fable

You took the chance, let down the walls

And tried like hell not to fear the fall

Now here you sit, still a little stunned

Even though you knew this day would come

Get back up and try again

Or keep it all reined in

The choice is yours alone

But you may never be well-known

So when you mend the broken fences

No matter what the expense is

Don't forget to leave the gate unbarred

Don't close off your heart

And remember you're not really stubborn

You just know what you want