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She's a Cat


Following a cat, to places of cat ways and means
It has hers, it’s up to you to find yours
She might say thanks, but you know she'll wander off
Making friends with enemies
Scratching who she loves

Always knowing apathy, until it matters
Rushing off, then a very slight return to your side
A thousand fast heart beats, with claws of love
Beautifully painted ceramic
But then the shelf was empty

Wondering what to be, a tiger or a kitten
Hypersensitive, unafraid to stand up to you
A crazy soft cloud living on the top of kitchen cabinets
Eating food in the alley
Scratching on the glass in the rain

That's how it's going to be, there are no rules
Love is not something to bargain, it's just acceptance
Don't ask any questions, it doesn't have to make sense
On your lap then up a tree to hang out
But you're gonna' have to love her down

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