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She's Drowning

Poetry is turning out to be a very cathartic medium, I should do this more often.

Sometimes it's easy to let yourself drown in your own negative emotions.

Sometimes it's easy to let yourself drown in your own negative emotions.

Here silhouette stood strong and independent,

The rays of her being blinded me.

Every curve was a winding road,

And oh how I was yearning to travel.

She didn't turn my way when I called out,

Diving into the sea of her own confusion.

Swimming into the wave of insecurity,

I was helpless to save her from drowning.

Before she was swallowed by the crashing of emotion,

She let out a cry that was heard around the world.

My ears began to bleed from the sorrow,

Not a one of us were free from her pain.

I wish to swim and recover her body,

Perhaps a memory of that silhouette remains.

Is she worth traversing those icy waters,

Or will the weight of what is lost drag me down?

No, I say it again with a fervor unyielding,

We must face the frozen waves of our fears.

I'm worth it, you're worth it, and she is as well,

Just be wary that she is drowning.

A Rough Patch

Though I may expand upon it later, I'd like to be concise here; I wrote this poem after observing a romantic interest of mine standing at the edge of a pool with the sun setting in the background. At first I thought to myself, "My God, this woman is one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever laid eyes upon," but then I realized that her beauty was a blinding force. I looked away, stood up, and plunged myself into the freezing pool in the hopes it would sober me up.

The cold water reminded me where I was, and that this pretty distraction was probably nothing more than that, and so back into the blistering cold of my own thoughts I went. I'm in a rough patch, but I'll claw my way back out, or take my own life trying.

© 2021 Kyler J Falk