Shrek Rhymes

Updated on October 17, 2017

Shrek 1


Shrek, an ogre living in the swamp.
Is upset about creatures coming nonstop.
Lord Farquaad keeps sending them there.
Shrek is on his way to ask him to send them elsewhere.
Meanwhile, Farquaad gets a mirror.
He asks a question and it answered.
The mirror replied YOU'RE NO KING AT ALL.
Farquaad then knew what he needed.
He organizes a tournament & Shrek wins it.
He was chosen to go retrieve it.
To defeat the dragon and get the princess.
They make a deal before Shrek leaves.
Farquaad will clean his swamp if he succeeds.
Shrek and his friend Donkey.
Have started their long journey.
Their journey to retrieve the princess.
but they do not go unnoticed.
A dragon is on donkeys trail.
but his sweet talking prevails.
Dragon falls in love with the donkey.
She reveals whom she is protecting.
With Donkey distracting, Shrek finds the princess.
Who is surprised that he wasn't romantic.
Also surprised that he didn't slay the dragon.
She wasn't aware of Donkeys distraction.
Before they leave Shrek rescues donkey.
The dragons heartbroken that he's leaving.
The princess was to know she was loved.
But disappointed when she finds who Shrek really was.
She knew she was loved but it wasn't by Farquaad.
He wasn't willing to go through for what he wants.
She then demands that he come get her himself.
Her aggressive stubbornness did not help.
So Shrek picks her up and put her over his shoulder.
Keeping in mind that he promised that he would get her.
While on their way to the palace.
Princess shows she's an expert Martial artist.
As they drew closer to the Palace.
Donkey hears strange voices.
Donkey does his investigation.
He happens to see princess transformation.
She explains that she is cursed at night.
but Shrek thinks she's the same princess at night.
But overhears her tell Donkey about it.
Partially hearing it and is hurt about it.
He thinks the disgust with her inner beast.
Will result in disgust with his inner beast.
Despite his anger, he does his part.
Delivers her and Farquaad cleans his swamp.
He breaks off friendship with Donkey.
because he felt that Donkey was withholding.
Withholding the truth, but he finds out.
but also sees what Faarquad is about.
He interrupts the Faarquad's wedding.
& reveals that is only marrying her to be king.
He and the Princess wed instead.
He finally saw the real her while she rests her head.

Mike Myers
Eddie Murphy
Cameron Diaz
John Lithgow
Lord Farquaad

Shrek 2

Happily Ever After

Fiona and Shrek are happily ever after.
After their honeymoon, they invite over.
Invite Fiona's Parents to a royal ball.
but Shrek does not intend to go at all.
But Fiona talks him into it.
They go far far away to attend it.
Shrek and Donkey, meet Fiona's parents.
They were shocked to see their daughters appearance.
Harold was repulsed over all of it.
He and Shrek argue at dinner.
Fiona's disgusted at their behavior.
She locks herself in her room all evening.
Shrek laments and fears that he;s losing.
He fears he's losing his true love.
Then gets her diary and sees her first love.
She was infatuated with PRINCE CHARMING.
Thinking that he was supposed to be her happy ending.
Meanwhile, Prince Charming's mother.
Reminded Harold that Fiona, his daughter.
Was supposed to Marry her prince.
the FAIRY GODMOTHER hoped to see to it.
So She requested that he finds a way.
To get Shrek out of the way.
So Harold invited them on a trip.
Hoping PUSS IN BOOTS gives them a gift.
But Puss is unable to beat Shrek.
He reveals he was paid and requests.
Requests to come along and make amends.
They sneak in godmothers home and steal a potion.
He and donkey drink it and awaken.
Awaken to changes. Shrek is human.
While Donkey has turned into a stallion.
Fairy godmother discovers the theft.
While they come back she intercepts.
Sending Charming to princess Fiona.
Shrek comes but feels it's best to leave her.
Meanwhile, fairy godmother makes sure.
That Harold has the cure.
He puts it in Fiona's tea.
But the exchange is overheard by the three.
Shrek, Donkey, and Puss are arrested.
They are thrown in the dungeon.
but Several friends help to free them.
Shrek pursues to not let Fiona kiss him.
He gets there but is too late to stop them.
They kiss nothing happens.
Turns out that Harold did not want it to happen.

Mike Myers
Eddie Murphy
Antonio Banderes
Cameron Diaz
Rupert Everett
Prince Charming
Jennifer Saunders
Fairy Godmother
John Cleese
King Harold

Shrek 3

King Arthur

Prince Charming is back and he wants revenge.
Goes too far far away begin.
King Harold is dying. Shrek is next in line.
But the ailing king Harold insists.
That an orge being king is not a good fit.
So he tells them of another heir.
He suggests they put ARTHUR PENDRAGON there.
Prince Charming goes to the poison apple village.
& persuades the fairy tale villains.
To fight for their happily ever after.
By appealing the painted that picture.
Shrek and his party go out to pursuing.
Fulfilling the wish made by the dying.
The dying king Harold. In a pursuit to get Arthur.
but prince charming wants to be the next in the picture.
Meanwhile, Shrek knows that Fiona is pregnant.
So he what he said, he wants to quickly do it.
To get back home to his family.
To aid his wife during her pregnancy.
The Trio journey to an academy.
Where they discover Artie.
Arthur. The next king of Far Far away.
But Prince Charming has something to say.
He and his villains attack the castle.
but Fiona and her mom escape the castle.
But they find out where Sherk has gone.
So Prince Charming moves on.
Moves on to track down Shrek.
But they fail when they try to do it.
They may have close calls.
But Shrek escapes them all.
They battle. They even capture Arthur.
Prince Charming prepares to kill Arthur.
But Shrek intervenes and saves him.
By telling Charming that the king is really not him.
Charming believes what Shrek's saying.
As a result, Charming is allowing.
Allowing Arthur to leave. Arthur grieves.
Until talking to Puss and Donkey.
Shrek told Charming that to save his life.

Mike Myers
Eddie Murphy
Antonio Banderes
Rupert Everett
Prince Charming
Justin Timberlake
King Arthur

Shrek Forever After

True Love's Kiss

King Harold and Queen Lillian.
Asking that he will release Fiona.
Without knowing that Shrek was already pursuing her.
Before finishing to sign the contract.
They were notified that she's rescued by Shrek.
Resulting in Harold tearing the contract.
Rumpel then became very angry.
He shifted his thinking of avenging.
In the present day, Shrek has grown steadily.
He was a family man and a celebrity.
but wanted things the way that it used to be.
He took his family to far far away.
To celebrate his children's first birthday.
Experiencing mishaps as he goes further.
Put his family in danger and his temper.
In Anger, he meets Rumplestiltskin.
He follows Shrek with a proposition.
Arranging for Shrek to appear to save his life.
But really it's a trick to erase Shrek's life.
Rupel was envious of Shrek.
Shrek doing badly was what he wanted.
Shrek agreed. He humiliated his name.
Kidnapped Fiona wanting a change.
He took away the day that Shrek was born.
Everything seemed easy until Shrek caught on.
He crossed over his erased history.
When he escaped the castle with Donkey.
Donkey helped him look for a way to be released.
Then found that true loves kiss will set him free.

Mike Myers
Eddie Murphy
Cameron Diaz
Antonio Banderes
Walt Dohrn

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