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Uniquely She

A registered physical therapist in the Philippines, Mona is endlessly in pursuit of her true passion-poetry and the arts.

For seventeen years she danced alone

Walked under a storm with no one to hold

Yet she is happy, and not in a hurry

Thinking, “Someday, love will eventually find me.”

For nights and days she sat with her books

While her friends spend time perfecting their looks

Just to impress those boys who aren’t even worthy

She says, “I’m glad that’s not something which needs my worry.”

For so many summers she’d be on her own

And people her age were painting the town

She’d write poems and paint portraits instead

Wondering, “What other great stories have I not read?”

For most of her birthdays, she spent time with her family

Celebrating simply rather than going out to party

Most people who knew her thought she was naïve

But keeping her decency was what she believed

Forever will she be innocent and good,

And live her life like any puritan would?

She’s already seventeen and still the same

We hope that one day she’d change her game

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