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A painful girl

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A painful girl

When you came into my life

Everything has changed

You bring happiness upon her which money wouldn't buy

And put that certain feeling within her that is so strange.

On the first day that we have

Happiness is inside of me

In the middle of our relationship

Love is pouring as cold.

I saw you in the same way

Holding each other hand

I wish I could take all this pain away

I wish I could take all this pain away

The hurt I felt which I couldn't stand.

I need to get over you

I know someday I can

Those memories of the past that keeps on hurting me

The love that both of us once felt.

How can I live on my own freely?

Now that I've fallen apart

And I know myself that It'll never be easy

Mending a broken piece of me.

© 2022 Crismar Basa Espigol

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