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She Was Too Possessive - but What I Did Broke Her Heart (a Poem About Love and Pain)

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Writing is my way of expressing thoughts positively. And through this platform, I am able to share with you my simple creation.

She was too possessive - But what I did Broke her Heart

A Lyrical Poem about Love and Pain

A Lyrical Poem about Love and Pain

Nothing is more painful than losing someone you love
Someone, your heart trusts
Someone, who makes you smile
Someone, you’re willing to die for

Like all stories about heartache
It started with promises
With happy ever after
A naive assumption
At a stage when nothing is certain

And I know now
Nothing is certain
Love is difficult to sustain
It’s unpredictable
At a first few sips
It tasted like honey
But later
As I consumed more and more
It became difficult to control
She was difficult to control
Not that, intentionally
I want to control her
But she became obsessive
And aggressive towards keeping her territory

She had difficulties understanding
I needed space
Not because I want to escape
Or, create a mailing list of options
I loved her
But it became too much
She was being too much
Demanding all my attention
It was not easy for me to decide
It took time
I had to be certain about my emotions
And the decision I had to make
I even hoped that she would change
For the better of both of us
No one deserves the pain

The pain of losing someone you love
It will be devastating for me
Though each time spent
Felt like a punishment
A small piece of me wants to hold on
Though small it was
I felt it
And in my mind
I simulate how it would progress
If I’ll do this
How will I move on?

How will I move on?
It was a question I can’t find an answer to

And I was left with no other choice
But to decide
Whether we should continue
Or give one another more time

It will be a total waste of life
If we will keep each other
We became two opposing forces
Destroying one another
I need to save energy
I also felt the need to save her
I can no longer process her behavior
And it’s becoming more and more difficult to understand and keep up with her

She likes to keep a short leash on her hand
And it’s not giving me the short freedom that I want

How will I move on?

Oh, how foolish I am
I am weak
I can’t say that I love her
But my heart
Has not ceased to shed its tears

And for my personal healing
I want to share
Nothing is more painful than losing someone you love
Someone, I trust
Someone, that made me smile
Someone, that I was willing to die for

And even if her absence is crushing me
The pain seems necessary
What started as something precious and lovely
Had to end
I can no longer be her man
And I hoped she’d understand
That sometimes in love
We need to let go
To proceed with the journey
To leave heartaches
Let go!
Let go!
Let go!
Let go!
Let go!

© 2021 Erl Sua

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