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She Was Not Afraid of Death. She Was 'Nirbhaya'

An engineer as chosen by the society but a social activist by heart. Completed my graduation from MP and currently working in IT industry.


...she fought till her last breath...

The night was falling darker,
and she had to reach home soon.
No one knew what the time was holding,
the only evidence was the moon.

They were returning from the theatre,
after watching 'The life of the pi'.
Laughing, talking and teasing each other,
they were walking on streets under the sky.

The dreadful moment came,
knocking the locked door.
I wish someone could have stopped them,
so that she wouldn't have faced more.

In hope of getting soon to her home,
they both decided to get into a bus.
Caught the bus coming from behind,
she called her mom, not to fuss.

None of them had the idea,
what was about to happen next.
One of the men got up and shut the door,
leaving both of them perplexed.

"What are you doing.Stop the bus"
her friend shouted in anger.
"This is not the correct path to our home"
He started to clangor.

All six of them were drunk
and the driver increased the speed.
"Beat him badly, shut his mouth
and show him what we need."

They beat him brutally with
legs and iron rod.
Some clutched her tightly,
and some cheered with applaud.

They left him half dead,
to see what they do next with his friend.
He tried a lot but fell down with unconciousness,
unable to do anything, thought it was the end.

They then caught the girl,
and harshly started beating.
Thrashed her like anything,
her body parts started bleeding.

She begged in front of them
but they laughed watching.
Showed no mercy for her
and kept on snatching.

The bus was still running,
and her friend was helpless.
In front of him, they raped her,
and her sufferance kept on being endless.

This much wasn't enough for them,
they did something which totally ends humanity.
One of them brought the iron road
and interpolated inside her with insanity.

Her organs got hurt,
and blood started flowing all around.
It was all fun for them,
'He' felt incapable and fully bound.

After playing with her body,
they then planned to make her dead.
Threw both of them out of the bus,
"Drive the bus over her" one of them said.

They tried to kill her,
but 'he' succeded to drag her back.
Blooded, naked she was thrown on the road,
but no one came to answer 'his' crack.

After fighting for a long time,
doctors declared "she is no more."
She fought a lot with her life
and finally ended up with soar.

The incident made people come on roads,
and made them fight with violence.
It was high time to take stand for her
and break the silence.

All of the accused got arrested
and sent to the jail.
None of them were found guilty,
and the brutal incident became a tale.

With all the support,
the accused got hanged till death.
Brave she was,
as she fought till her last breath.

One of them got released,
as he was too young to be hanged.
The court forgot to think,
he was one of them who planned.

He is working somewhere,
totally free and alive.
After smashing a bud,
they left him to live his life.

She left her name behind
giving all other girls a motive to fight.
She chose to give her life
and became the ray of light.

Yes it was the Delhi case,
and her name was Jyoti Singh.
She fought with fear, got named as Nirbhaya
and gave all the girls a message "Raise your voice,come out of the ring."

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