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was she a misfortune?

Sound echoes and a girl was born.

They said to keep it slow because they were made of stone.

Mother was crying in grief, and the father still not want to believe.

But anyhow, they have to keep.

So they proceeded home with teary eyes,

Neighbors were whispering, alas, and then they sigh.

Later they went home,

With this girl in hand, time slides as if it were sand.

Now she was grown,

and they started to wonder who will pass the throne.

But then father left abroad to make money for a dowry,

And mother began to lessoned her daughter,

so she could marry.

What happened next was not a mystery.

The daughter married a guy who was once a history.

A man with wealth was rare,

That was the only thing her parents' cared.

A couple of years passed,

violence knocked on the door because money does not last.

The daughter went for help at her parents' home,

They asked what went wrong and then send her back where she belonged.

The situation was no different than before,

Even it gets worse in a course.

The next day when the message received, it said her daughter died, and you have to keep,

At the end no one claims the body or even said her rest in peace.


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