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She was Marked by the Powerful One

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Yoruba Foods

She was one of the most decent ladies in the island. The powerful one within the island has

Been told about her and he has picked interest in her. He sends for her that he would like to

Be her lover, but the lady turned down his offer. Not because she was involved with anyone

But because her mind does not speak well of him. He told her that he will give her

Sometimes to think the matter through and give him another reply which he expects to be

Yes. But the lady insisted that even if the earth and the firmament would fuse together, she

Will not change her decision. The man says she is bluffing that he believes she will yet

Have another thought. The lady as she has stated did not have another thought about the man.

When the time the man has set to receive another message from her was over the man went

And invoke the gods of anger of the island, telling the gods that the lady has done things

That are despicable and had desecrated her temple. He thence asks the gods to put a mark on

Her so that she will never find a man to be married to in life. The gods on hearing this swung

Into action as strong wind started blowing at the house that the lady was living and after a

While the raised dusts by the wing settled and the lady decides to leave her room to see

Outside, it was when she was outside that some dusts fell on her eyes. She robbed off those

And continued with her life. The following night she discovered that she was eating in her

Dream, and according to the teachings of the island, it is not good to eat in the dream,

Because it is a means of the gods putting dealing with the person, putting sicknesses on the

Person’s body. It is those the gods are angry with that they send the small gods to feed

Foods in their dreams the people of the island used to say. When she wakes up, she knows

That there is problem and she would not know what she has done to invoke the wrath of the

Gods neither does she know the person who is annoyed with her that could send the gods

To her to punish her. She told here parents about this development and those people went to

The priests of the island to tell them what has happened to their daughter. After due

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Consultation with the gods, those priests said nothing other than, they should come with

Some things to appease the gods. They took those things to them to appease the gods and

Trust that everything has been resolved. But some months after this the lady discovered

That her monthly visitor called menstruation has become irregular. She tried to find

Solution to this by contacting people who are in charge of health-related issues. They told her

That she will not be the only person affected by such, that those who have been affected have

Recovered after taken some drugs. She was given some drugs to be taken for the

Menstruation flow to be restored, she took the medicines given her for months yet nothing

Happened. Then she went to a place where the priest told her about a man who approached

Her when she was young, it was the man who put on her the terrible mark so that she will

Not be able to get someone to marry her in life, and even if she gets someone to marry her,

she will not have children from any of her marriages in life. The man though revealed the

Secret of her problem to her, but he could not do more than that. She was disturbed about

Her condition, thinking she would not be able to have children since she cannot ovulate. But

Contrary to her belief, when she got married, she took in and gave birth to a baby boy. Then

She asks from the medical personnel how come. She was told that, amenorrhea is not

Totalitarian that a lady would not take in. she was elated for this. The powerful one on seeing

That she puts to bed was disappointed in the gods he was serving and renounce the gods

Because the gods have put him to shame, the person that ought not to be pregnant and

Whom he was still expecting would return to him was the one who gave birth to a child.

Months after this, he called the lady to apologize to her of his evil deeds…


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