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She Is Trying to Stay Alive

Misbah loves writing poetry. She says poetry is what makes her heart feels warm and light.

Trying to find the path

Trying to find the path

The twinkling stars still shimmering in the sky,

Days and Nights are interchanging as they were,

But why the time had stopped its rhythm?

People walking around as they were,

I am in the crowd but why so lonely?

Doing everything to live but dead inside...

Meditation, Manifestation, and Prayers,

Why nothing is helping me?

The wounds are so deep, it needs more stitches...

Healing always takes time, we all know,

But why it still burning after so long?

Everything around is vibrant and alive,

Dead inside is my own heart,

Trying to find a very new path....

The heart wants to give itself some hope and motivation,

So it tried to get attracted into different directions...

Alone tiered it comes to home at night,

Kills its Ego, and talks with God...

Ask for how long I will remain chained and locked?

The answer from God always gives it comfort,

When it hears, "I am here, you are not alone".

It tries to beat again with the same rhythm...

The next day again the naive heart wants to listen again,

In search of a new home, it wonders day and night.

I hope it will find the home soon,

Wounds will heal, scars will get fade,

Then one day will come, When it won't hurt the same...

Hope and trust is what keeps me alive...

I am smiling outside but I am dying inside....