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She is the Woman

Hi! I'm Jenevieve and I am an aspiring story writer! I write fictions, romance, gender equality stories, love stories and poems!



She is the woman of love

She is the definition of a Goddess

The best woman I could ever have

The woman who love me no less

Every flower sent, every moment spent

She completes my life like a dent in a brand new car, no offense meant!

She sips coffee in the morning in a cold breeze in a terrace,

I hugged her from behind and kiss her in all places

Oh! How love can turn into evil

Our love was true but you changed out of the blue

Said there is no love can match the way you love, Cecil

You left and I’ve got no clue!

You are the woman full of life

The Sun envies your rays

I loved you, why did you hold that knife?

How can life go on when time stopped this day?

You were my woman of happiness

You were my woman of Hope

But now, you are my woman of loneliness

You are the woman who left me with this rope.

© 2020 Jenevieve Martin

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