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A Blissful Introvert

Graduate in Health promotion, certified counselor and ardent writer of romantic poetry


A skinny adolescent girl.
neatly dressed in grey with curls on her forehead.
All the way to the library she would walk
Without a sense of others talk.

Whenever the crowd pushed her away
She was able to stand and smile
She knows to be content on her own
Yet, they named her an "Introvert"

She had friends,
And they had names.
She could talk to them
And of course through them
However, the world failed to see
that, she talked to the world
Through her books.

© 2018 Weird Birdie


Weird Birdie (author) from SriLanka on November 07, 2018:

I think to be successful we did not need to pretend as extroverts instead can be a self-content introvert who is satisfied and confident in one's own work.

Evelyn from Wisconsin on July 15, 2018:

I wish I could be ok with being an introvert. I like being alone, which most extroverts cannot understand, but I also want to be successful. How can I be successful without having to pretend to be an extrovert? I want to be successful at writing, but so far haven't had much. Even though I have been writing over 15 years.