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She is Autumn

I write as a hobby. Feedback is appreciated regardless of support or criticism.

The end of Summer is drawing near
There’s a slight chill in the nighttime air
And there’s plenty of talk about how the weather is fading
A few moments on the porch, if you look real good
Will show all the signs in the neighborhood
Bare branches will replace trees used for shading

While some will be sad and start feeling down
About another cold winter on its way around
I look at autumn with a slightly different view
For it’s autumn that makes me start thinking of
All the things about a girl that make me fall in love
And how times spent together always seem too few

I think of sitting at night by the light of a fire
Bundled up together with the stars to admire
And talking about things we’d never tell another soul
Cider and doughnuts always come to mind
When I start thinking of this special time
And looking at colors as, hand in hand, we stroll

Resting on the bank, her reflection in my eye
The canvas is the the river running silently by
She leans in closer to lay her head upon my chest
Through the knit of a sweater, her heart beats beneath
As the cool air around offers leaf after leaf...

...yes, autumn is the season I love best

Nick Gerace

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