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She is A Mystery

An English Language teacher by profession opting to be a poetess!


She has been a mystery,

For everyone in her history.

People claim to know her,

Considering it their victory.

She has been a history,

Within her own mystery.

Thousands of tangled sinistries,

Thousands of mingled mysteries,

In her book of history.

She claims to know none,

In her clusters of mystery.

People have laughed at her,

Made her a history within this mystery.

She though still withholds her life,

Within thousands of mysteries within the mystery.

Nobody to hold her hand to make her stand,

After falling down to the life's sinistery.

Carrying her own burden with chivalry,

She passes through a history within the history.

Yes! She is a woman with a mystery,

Living through hell to complete her history.

© 2018 Tajwer Shakir