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Maybe Someday

I dont have much, but I have three amazing, healthy sons who I adore more than anything I could ever have.

Maybe someday... after I sort through the trauma I have suffered through in therapy, acquire more clean time and finally find the right medication for my bipolar depression, I will be able to achieve my dreams of having a cabin in the woods, do some traveling, get horses again and finally give my kids the life they deserve... Maybe someday...

My life❤

My life.. My 3 boys

Maybe Someday

She wasn't like "normal" people

No lisence

No career

No home

No husband

She had three sons from three failed relationships and enough baggage to squash an elephant...

She has scars

She is broken

She is suffering

Depression consumes her

Her brain won't work right, bipolar keeps her sad

Memories of things she would erase if she could

Then maybe she could stop hurting

Maybe then she could provide a better life for her boys

They could have a home

They could have a way around

They could have the things that they want

They could have a healthy happier mama

Maybe someday ❤


We may not have much, but all three of my kids are healthy and loved, which is worth more than any amount of money. Many people have lots of money and material things but that doesn't mean they are happy or loved... Don't judge people for the amount of money or stuff they have!!


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