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Abusive Women, Songwriting

She-Wolf fools unsuspecting victims. She is mean, vicious, and full of volatile fury. This female wolf’s bite is much worse than her scowl!

Abusive Women


Abusive Women

“I want your soul” the She-Wolf said,

“Give me yours since mine is dead”

Razor Fangs

She-Wolf Fooled Ya

So you now see her?

I knew you just might someday

Her mask so bound to slip away

Behind meek doe-eyes drip pools of bloodied lies

Prey hangs, from razor fangs

Your crying won’t move her to change

Best you move outta She-Wolf’s range

See how she scowls, scowls, scowls, scowls from the mange?

What say you? She-Wolf fooled ya? Oh!

The mind-games she plays are all buying her time

She wants to empty your life

No love, no care, she never plays fair, she maims

Down, blood rains

You thought there no need for her cage

But behind meek doe-eyes burn rage

She’s gonna earn, earn, earn, earn, earn center stage

Oooo, She-Wolf fooled ya, oh yeah

“I want your soul” the She-Wolf said

“Give me yours since mine is dead”

You, I think its time you choose, too

Will you leave and not look back?

Save yourself while there’s time?

New prey will fill her need, chilly, chilly breed

You thought there no need for her cage

But behind sweet doe-eyes burn rage

She’s gonna earn, earn, earn, earn, earn center stage

Oooo, She-Wolf, She-Wolf fooled ya, oh yeah

Abusive Women

Behind meek doe-eyes drip pools of bloodied lies and prey hangs from razor fangs...

Spread The Awareness

Women are abusers, too!

Women are abusers, too!

Support Groups for Men

Men do not always get the same validation and support for the injustices that they suffer from abusive women as do females, who so receive support for the inflictions handed down to them by male abusers.

Men are not as vocal about the sufferings they endure at the hands of women; thus, a vicious cycle can occur via less Support Groups existing for male victims.

Because less Domestic Abuse Support Groups tailored for men exist, these male recipients of abuse do not find places of fellowship where they can divulge their own horror stories.

This can leave men isolated and alone, often causing unhealthy regression of the horrific experiences through which they have lived.

Such treatment, at the hands of abusive women, might include Underhanded Manipulation, Covert Baiting, Severe Provoking (resulting in natural human responses which enable the female abuser to call the authorities on her male target in order to claim that it is, she, who is the victim), False Seduction (seducing a man, and then claiming Rape), and many other countless vicious tactics that can be far worse than physical abuse.

Abusive Women


Abusive Women

Abusive women can be more underhandedly vicious, treacherous, and cunning, at times, than even men abusers.

Narcissistic Behavior, Women


Abusive Women

The mind-games she plays are buying her time. She wants to empty your life.

Abusive Women


She-Wolf Fooled Ya

Barracuda - Instrumental - Heart

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Tamara Yancosky (author) from Uninhabited Regions on March 24, 2019:

Thank you, Mark! Yes, men need support, too. Hugs!

Mark Tulin from Ventura, California on March 23, 2019:

Tamara, love your courage in expressing this repressed fact of life. While women have their own hardships, they can also dish it out. Abused men do need validation and support. I have met several she-wolves in my lifetime. I’m just happy I ended up marrying a pussy cat. Peace, and continue to express yourself. Mark

Tamara Yancosky (author) from Uninhabited Regions on March 09, 2019:

Thank you, Bill. I want men, as well as women, to know that they are not alone. Often abuse is “behind closed doors” because in this way, the Abuser can be nearly certain that others won’t believe the victim’s exposing of the Abuser, or readily answer the victim’s cries or pleas for help. This is an immensely lonely and isolating experience.

Peace & Wondrous Blessings to you, as well, my friend.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on March 09, 2019:

Abuse of any sort must be exposed and not tolerated. It's good to see an article about this facet of it. :) Peace and blessings to you always.

Tamara Yancosky (author) from Uninhabited Regions on March 06, 2019:

Thank you, Lawrence! Yes, you are correct, and men need not stay silent in thinking that they are being weak by divulging abuse from women. Women abusers can be monstrous!

Lawrence Hebb from Hamilton, New Zealand on March 05, 2019:


This is very powerful,and I think part of the issue is that men think they 'should be able to take the abuse' which is wrong.

Very thought provoking.


manatita44 from london on December 10, 2018:

Thank you, my Sweet. So glad that you and family are safe. Higher blessings.

Tamara Yancosky (author) from Uninhabited Regions on December 10, 2018:

Manatita! Oh, so lovely to see you! It’s like a breath of fresh air and sunny skies ♥️

I was in the Paradise, California, Camp Fire, but The Lord kept me safe and in peace despite driving through blazing hot flames!

I was able to save my dogs, cats, and bunny, too. My family is well, and in God’s Wise & Loving Care.

Relocation is my next step!

Yes, the woman is The She-Wolf. I wanted men to know that they need to have a voice, too, against abuse toward them. They need not keep it inside where Cognitive Dissonance can grow and cause depression, confusion, and much inner turmoil.

Love & hugs!

manatita44 from london on December 09, 2018:

An interesting one. Just yesterday I did a course on abuse and was taught that too. Is the woman the She-wolf? Ha ha.

How are you, my dear and how is the family? How old are they now? let me know. Cheers.


Tamara Yancosky (author) from Uninhabited Regions on October 29, 2018:


Thank you so much for your lovely and informative comment. Yes, what you say is very much true. I have witnessed it, myself, as well.



Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on October 28, 2018:

I like the theme and message of your poem and you expressed it beautifully!

Abuse is an abuse, whether done by men or women. But the general mindset of the people is that women are always right (if they put allegations on men). Though, It’s very difficult to prove the allegations for either side. But women get sympathy easily, while men don’t. Sadly I have across such cases, when men were innocent, but no one believed them.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful poem!

Tamara Yancosky (author) from Uninhabited Regions on October 22, 2018:

Flourish, lol... ya, a “scoundrel”... well said. ♥️ Thank you for your wonderful visit!


FlourishAnyway from USA on October 21, 2018:

The she-wolf you write about here is a scoundrel. In reality women can be abusers as well, but their numbers pale in comparison to abusive men. Either way, abuse is inappropriate and wrong.

Tamara Yancosky (author) from Uninhabited Regions on October 21, 2018:


You are surely kind to give me such a lovely comment ♥️. I enjoy writing song lyrics to my favorite songs!

I am obliged.


Tamara Yancosky (author) from Uninhabited Regions on October 21, 2018:

Wow, thank you Elijah, for such a complimentary comment ♥️ I am honored that you like my poem!


William Kovacic from Pleasant Gap, PA on October 21, 2018:

Wow, Tamara. That was something. So very nicely put together with a message that is often overlooked. Great job!

Elijah A Alexander Jr from Washington, DC USA on October 20, 2018:

A very telling story of "She-Wolves" which is also true in environmental wolves, I believe the girls there are the greater hunters.

There has to be some compensation for how boys usually treat girls, yet it is all karma in action, I do this to you as a boy and in return you do that to me as a girl. In either a past of future incarnation the live-forces were in reverse roles, his in that same girl's body and hers in that same boy's body. The physical manifestations never changes, only the life-forces continue to migrate all the way through what is called "God" and I call "Zeroverse" because the positive and the negative numbers always equals to the only whole number of zero.

It was exciting to read, at first I wondered if you were actually talking about wolves bus soon realized it was a magnificent revealed metaphor. Thanksfor sharing it.


Tamara Yancosky (author) from Uninhabited Regions on October 19, 2018:


Thank you for your wise and lovely comment. I will check out your page, as well ♥️

I speak much about Men Abusers, and I thought it was time that I write a bit about Women Abusers, so men do not feel left out.


Marieta Maglas on October 19, 2018:

Your poem refers to the instinct for survival. In general, the relationship between the aggressor and the victim is very profound, it is much more a mental connection than an instinctual one. The relationship between hunter and prey is based mainly on the instinct, but the hunted animal has an ability to escape. Your poem is beautiful. I enjoyed reading it.

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