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She Was Killed by The Silent Killer #4

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It was when they got to the new island that they discovered that the man’s blood sugar level is high, for it was randomly discovered when the man went for treatment of common sickness in the area, called malaria. After he has been discovered, the doctor prescribed drugs

for him to be taken regularly to keep the blood sugar under check. This additional disease brought more stress on them for they need to be buying the drugs regularly and be checking the man’s diet. All these have become a stress on the woman, and her blood pressure has

been rising without her knowing. Since the period that she has come of age, she has not taken ill for once, thus, when she feels headache, she will buy analgesic from a local chemist store or use some local herbs to take care of herself as she continues with her work.

Sometimes she will feel dizzy, and after lying down she gets back to work. This has been in her for years but she does not pay attention to it. One day, when she was cooking, she discovers a pounding feeling in her head again and thinks well the headache has returned on

her way to her medication, she fell and her children rush to her, they discovered she cannot stand up, and had to take her to hospital, but before she gets to the hospital she died. While commiserating with the family, one of the woman’s friends ask of how the incident

happened and one of the children was narrating the incident to her and others who have come to condole them. Then one of the persons sited there, who happened to be a medical personnel, a nursing officer, says, what the woman’s child has just described points to high

blood pressure, saying that, and high blood pressure usually is called a silent killer by the medical people because for years that it has been rising one would not know, and the person will keep thinking it is just headache, it is because I have not eaten well, instead of getting to

the hospital or any health care provider to check oneself, one would be doing self-medication until the thing boomerangs and it gets out of hand killing the person suddenly and or the person developing stroke, partial paralysis and all what not. The people there were all

ears as she continues to speak, therefore, it is advisable that one needs to be regularly checking oneself up as one grows, especially when one’s is age is above forty years because at this age one is prone to so many hidden sicknesses, those things which are not troubling

one at a younger age would start troubling the person at that age, thence it is advisable one visits health care providers regularly. One of them say the problem we have in the island is the is poverty, and because of this people can barely visit health care providers, because


they have not been able to feed themselves a person who cannot feed himself, how will he or she pay for card in the hospital and other tests? He asks. The medical personnel says he agrees with what the person says, but there is nothing compared to one being in sound health,

and this kind of death could be prevented if we take time to visit health care providers in the island. We need to know that prevention is better than cure, for assuming this woman did not die now, and she develops stroke, she would have spent more than what she will spend if

she has taken time to visit the health care providers. When we put it in mind that we shall do something, we shall give it all it takes to get it done. We are in a part of the world where things do not work as it should, but we all know that it is not all of us that can migrate to

another continent where things are working, therefore those of us who cannot migrate need to devise means of taken care of ourselves in this part of the world with the meagre resources at our disposal so that we shall not be heaping the blame on the devils, for most

often when things like this happens, we all say it is the enemies handiwork, I am not saying there is no enemy, but what I am saying is though there are enemies, but we can also shut the mouths of the enemies in certain instances like this one when we do some needful

things, like checking up our blood pressures, sugar level amongst other simple tests being conducted by some medial personnel, when we do our part, we shall hand over the rest unto God and by this we can silence the enemies and improve our life span in this part of the

world. The people all agreed with what the health practitioner has stated and one of them states that, it is better to go to the house of mourning, than to go to the house of feasting: for that is the end of all men; and the living will lay it to his heart. I have

really learnt here today, I shall also be saving towards checking myself regularly so that the enemies will not triumph over me, God has given us brain the think and has also given us people to do research, we need to put what others have done into use lest we become fools.

Quotation: Ecclesiastes 7:2