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She Was Killed by The Silent Killer #3

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Among all their children, this lady is the only one who couldn’t go to institution of higher learning. She has to sit for her high school examinations thrice, yet she did not make her papers, at the end of this, she told her parents that she wants to learn fashion designing as she

thinks she cannot comprehend with education. Her parents obliged her and she was taken to a woman who put her through fashion designing for twelve months. After the twelfth month, she was freed as it was being done in the island. It was when she was at the verge of

completing the training that she met with the young man who also was an apprentice under a commercial driver in the area. The young man was caring, and everyone in the neighborhood loves him. They have been seeing themselves for long, but have not come

close to each other as he will follow his master out with the bus while she stays with her master learning how to use sowing machines and other machines. One day, he drove his master’s wife to the shop of the damsel and it was at this juncture that they started talking.

The lady on seeing her greeted him that, congratulations you now know how to drive now. “Thank you” he replied. While his master’s wife was interacting with the mistress of the fashion designing outfit, telling her the style she wants her to do for her. Soon they finished

and they left the place. He was the one sent by his master’s wife to collect the cloth for her, and since then they have been talking. Soon their communication gets deeper. Now they are planning to get marry because he also has finished and was working with his master to

raise money to buy his own vehicle. It was during this period that she takes him to her parents as the person she would like to be married to. Her parents on knowing that he has no job at hand, frowned at what she has said and told her that they would not allow her to enter


fire, saying it is their duty to give her good counsel, however it is her duty to accept or ignore the advise given her. Since she has rejected the counsel given her she was left alone. The young man and the lady got married and they migrated to another island because they

Would not want them to be monitored, nor have any course to go back to any of their parents to ask for assistance from them. in the new island they migrated to, the young woman’s fashion designing business progressed rapidly and they were able to buy the vehicle

for the man which he will be using for transportation. That was how they started living there peacefully sending messages to their parents at home when they see someone going to their island because technology has not been like this and money could not be sent home

Easily then without hiccups at the banks, therefore, they will wait for the person going to their island to send money through the person. However, about seventeen years after they have moved to the island, the one-time peaceful island became trouble zone when religious

riot broke out. The war lasted 36 months, during which period many properties were lost and many people dead. When peace returns to the island, they moved out of the island to another island where they started living and building their lives again. Two years after getting

to the new island the build their own house and was living there peacefully. They have given birth to five children before they migrated to the new island. Those children are grown up and are going to school. About three of them have entered institution of higher learning.

The tuition fee is high, yet they have resolved that they will send their children to school because they are brilliant. They therefore have to be doing additional works to meet up with the responsibilities of taking care of those children.