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She Was Killed by The Silent Killer #2

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Her father is a year older than her mother, they met when they were in teacher’s training college and they fell in love. But their love almost hit the rocks when after their graduation from the teacher’s training college they could not secure a job, things were difficult for them.

Her mother’s parents want her to marry someone in the neighborhood, the person is a business man and is rich, but she says the man was not educated and she would not marry someone who is not educated. After she has said this her parents leave her, they struggled to

Pay her tuition fees throughout the teacher training college. After she finished from the college, her parents told her they have given her, her inheritance and she should go and be living elsewhere so that they will be able to concentrate on other children. She thought her

Parents was joking but she later discovered that they were not, as they stopped preparing her food, and took the keys of the house from her, for to them she has ceased to be living with them. when she goes out, and she has finished what she was out to do, she cannot enter the

House except she waited hours for any members of the family to return before she can enter the house. Since they do not prepare her foods, again, she started eating from her partner’s house before returning home. Her partner on the other hand was fortunate to have

Parents who have not expelled him from the house as they are still largely responsible for feeding him, but other than that, they are not responsible for other things, they have also told him that he needs to look for a work, because he is engaged and they cannot be responsible

for taking care of him and his spouse. The young man has been seeking for job with his partner but no good news come their way. The young lady when doing her menstruation usually have some menstrual pains and other little changes during this period, which she will


buy some drugs for. Since the young lady has no money she couldn’t buy those needful things for her menstruation and would be looking unto the young man but there were months when there was nothing on the young man too, and the lady passed through excruciating pain

During these periods that she has concluded within her that she was going to opt out of the romantic relationship. “I cannot continue to be in this kind of pain, on a monthly basis, I think it is better I go back to the man my parents have said I should marry to or look for

another man who is rich and of good morals”. This was what was in her mind and she has concluded to do just that, but then, respite came along their path as the young man secures a job with a private establishment, and he went to her house to tell of the good news. When she

Heard the good news she burst into tears saying she has just concluded in her mind that she will stop seeing her, because she cannot possibly continue to suffer, but she believes that God wants them to be married, therefore he has provided the job for him at the nick of time

when he knows that my faith has shaken and my love has weaned. As from then, the young man was largely responsible for everything and was on the lookout for teaching opportunities, until they got opportunities and they applied to the island’s ministry of

education and they were employed as teachers. Prior their securing the jobs, they have been planning their wedding, and on securing the job they were elated that God really does not want them to suffer as couples. This they thought about that made them raise the

suggestion for their daughter, because as retiree with the island’s government, their take home pay is a token, it is not like when they have not retired.