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She Was Killed by The Silent Killer #1

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

She fell in love with a man whom her parents did not like his profession and because of this her parents did not sanction their marriage saying that she should look for someone to be married to. Her parents call her to tell her that, from their experience they have learnt that

there is nothing called love without money, when there is no money, love would fade off, they told her. We do not want you to suffer where you are going to, we do not want you to call God a liar by marrying someone who could not take care of you, therefore we want you

To look for another man to be married to, she was counselled by her parents long time ago. She appreciated her parents for their words of counsel when they told her that, replying that she will go and think about what they have told her. Her parents say she better do! She

However did not want to answer them on the spot because she already has made her mind up that it is all or none, it is either she marries him or she will not marry anyone in the world again. after three weeks she returned to her parents to tell them that it is that man she wants to

be married to, that if she will suffer there she is ready to go and suffer there, she is not changing her mind on the man. When she said this to them, her parents became furious telling her that does she want to be another burden on them like her elder sister who married to

Someone who cannot take care of himself let alone take care of her. Calling her to order telling her that she knows how her sister uses to come to the family to take money to buy things home and at times would steal some of the raw foods in the store to take home for her

Family because her spouse could not take care of her and the children. Before she marries her, we have called her to this, asking her if she is sure that the man can take care of her and she has said she knows the man can take care of her, and now when the trouble starts now the


Problem of her family she is laying on them thereby negatively affecting their plans. You equally have to think deep before you take this step because we cannot be feeding you and your family when you are married to him as we have been feeding your sister and her family.

In fact her mother says, they need to stop her elder sister from coming to them to take things home to her family, they need to let her know that she has plunged herself into the mess, no one forces her into the relationship, thence, she should find another means of

Navigating the problem and shouldn’t be coming to them oft to take things to feed her family for assuming they are dead won’t she find solution to the logjam she has put herself in? Her father replies that she definitely will. Therefore, she needs to be stopped for after all

we warned her before she took the step and the decision. Facing the young damsel, we also are warning you now, you need to look before you leap, there is nothing called love anywhere when there is no money, money is a principal factor in love, they told her. But she

insisted the man is the only person she wants to be married to in life and no one else. Then her mother told her that she should note that day, for if for any reason she comes back to them to ask for their favor or something to take home to the family after they have married

they will shove her off like an animal. She replied that she likes it that way. Her father says, “this is a deal”, and she replied, “signed deal”. That was how they concluded and she walked out of the room of her father. Her parents are retired primary school teachers, and they have tried their bests to raise up their children given them qualitative education.