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She Wakes Her Up #4

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


They met at the corner where toothpastes have been arranged in the superstore. The man

Took one of the toothpastes and she did not know what pushed her to ask him why he takes

Such toothpaste. And he told him some of the things that the toothpaste has which he does

Not find in others. That was how they started talking. The man who is called man alone

After telling her some of the additives that would help her cavities that are added to the

Toothpaste told her to give it a trial then she asks if he was one of the staff of the company

Manufacturing the toothpaste but his reply was negative and told him that he would not

Be sure of what pushed him to tell her to buy one for a trial because that was not his nature.

The lady apologized telling him that she hopes he is not annoyed and he replied not at all and

If she would not mind he can wait for her. She says it is alright by her, but needs to get

Some things for her hair before she will be ready to go to the cashier to pay up what she has

Bought. The man says that reminds her he also wants some hair cream and they went to the

Place together to get hair creams and other things. After which they went to the cashier,

That was how they started their acquaintance. Their friendship continues to grow, then she

Remembers the issue of her parents, and was kept aback how would they feel? About the

Whole thing, as she continues to think about how her parents will feel that they will not

Approve of the relationship then, one day she discussed this with her friend. Her friend did

Not utter a word on the issue other than she should know what is best for her and should

Cleave unto what is best for her. One day, she introduced him to her friend and he was

Glad to meet with her. Through this means her friend and man alone also becomes friend. He

Visits her house and after he left, her parents asked her if that is her spouse, she replied he is

Not and her parents told her the young man is not bad, and if she can be involved with

Him they are sure that she will enjoy his companion. After this approval from her parent she

Started thinking about the young man, looking forward to been involved with him. But won’t

The Vamps - Last Night

Her friend consider this a cheat? Then she resolved that she would talk it over with her

Friend. When she discussed with her friend that the man has visited her house and what her

Parents said about him, she becomes jealous and thinks if she did not act fast, then she will

Lose the man. From the moment onward she considers her parents rule to be but a little

Deciding that she would do everything to warm himself into his heart again, for it may be

Possible that her friend has penetrated the heart of the man. She changed her disposition to

Him, and the man was surprised that what is happening, then she told him that she does

Not want to lose him for she has been thinking she would lose him. He replied that her love

Has overwhelmed his heart, though he sees her friend that she also is a beautiful damsel,

Accommodating, well behaved, but he has not given her a thought for a second, though

He used to play with her, goes to her house, and assist her if needs be, but being romantically

Involved with her, that has not happened. She was elated to hear this imploring him that he

Should start working towards meeting with her parents and family members according to

The local rules of the island. When her friend discovers that the man’s visit to her house has

Reduced and he calls him less frequently, then she knows that her parents dream could not be

Achieved, as from then, she starts looking for when their relationship would become a

Reality. The lady was happy for the kind of man she meets for though she is contented

Yet she knows her man has spoil her with everything he is gotten.


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