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She Wakes Her Up #3

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She emphasized to her daughter that there are ladies who had passed through terrible

Ordeal like hers, but whose parents were not rich and could not afford the financial

Obligations involved in rescuing them from the shame and agony they were passing

Through, some of them had died through depression, committing suicide among other

Things that had happened to them. she would not want such to betide her daughter and she

Has been hammering that to her to distance herself from the companion of male friends if

At all she wants to have friends she should limit her friendships to female partners and

Such female partner should not exceed two maximum, she strongly encourage her to have a

Single friend because the adage of the land says “friendships are better in twos when the

Number exceeds one it is a crowd”. She loves her mother dearly and listens to her, she is

Her small god. Thus she would not be involved with any male friend when she was in her

Neighborhood. She would have gotten herself entangled by some female friends but she

Notices that many of them are talkative, talebearers and for that reason she distanced

Herself from all of them. Now that she has relocated to another environ, she started studying

The people of the environ too, obviously males do not come into her view as she has been

Counseled by her mother. After sometimes she notices a unique lady among the ladies in

The environment, and her mind attaches to her, least has she known that the lady too has been

Studying her and has discovered that she is the kind of person she would equally like to be

Friends with. That was how they started their friendship and everything was smoothly

Going between them, no one can penetrate their midst, it was as if they had entered covenant

With each other as they behave to each other. There has been a guy also in the environment

The Vamps - Wild Heart

Who faces his business squarely it was as if he also has no time for any other thing in life

Except his work. People hardly see him in company of friends, he is called “man alone”. The

Lady who has just moved to the environment has been hearing of “man alone” in the

Environment and she has desirous of knowing who that “man alone” is and the reason for

Calling him “man alone”. The reasons for calling him “man alone” was told her, that he

Does his things alone, walks alone and hardly had friends around, for that was the reason for

Calling him man alone she has been told by people. Then she asks that she be shown the

Person any time they see him. One day when the man was passing by, the people pointed him

To her. On setting her eyes on her when he was passing by, she had another feeling running

Through her sinews, this feeling is not the feeling of friendship it is a different feeling,

Which she indubitably cannot explain, she was verily certain that she has not experienced

Such feelings in her life. She keeps wondering if this is what some ladies used to call love

And love at the very first time. Well, she allows for that to pass and was thinking maybe

It was an infatuation and with time it will pass away as people used to say. Well, some times

Have lapsed when she sets her eyes on him again and this time again like before she

Experienced the same thing like the first day, then she noticed that this is not ordinary

Something has glued her mind to his’. It was as if they had met before, as some ancient

Mythologists used to say, that people used to meet in the unknown world, before coming to

The planet, something tells her that she had met with him before, albeit at an unknown

Horizon higher than the planet. During these period that these thoughts were running through

Her mind this man never knows anything as he continues to do what he knows how to do.

On a certain day she went to one of the biggest superstore in the area to get some things

For herself and there she met with the man buying some things.


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