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She Wakes Her Up #2

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


For the stigmatization, she would eventually drop out of the school, and was moved away

From the island she lives in to another island to be living. Since that time, the people of the

Island lost faith in the jurist of the island in delivering correct judgment. Thus, those who are

Parents in the island have warned their female wards to learn from the fig tree of the lady,

That if something like that could happen to a fresh tree, then their dry trees should be very

Careful of those they shall be in companion with in the island. Apart from those who have

Female wards who have warned their children to be verily careful of those they shall

Make friends with, others too have said people should steer clear of anything that would take

Them to the court of law of the island because they know that they would not receive correct

Judgement from the jurists of the land. And in the case that they may likely receive right

Judgment which though is rare, it may take several years for that to happen which everyone

Would have been wearied of the judgment itself. And during those periods, they would be

Spending money for their lawyers among other money that would be expended. This

Makes greater percentage of the inhabitants of the island to avoid law court and would

Prefer to be cheated than take anyone to the law court to seek redress for cheating. On getting

To the new island, this brings relieve to her as she starts adapting to the new environment

And pushing the dastardly act behind her. In the process of doing this, she flees the

Appearance of male friends like plague and it took the intervention of people before she

Decides for marriage. The person she has married to did a lot of job to convince her

Before she gives in to him albeit not without the intervention of many people and had asked

Him to sign some papers even before they continue to see each other that he will be a well

The Vamps - Wake Up

Behaved man and would not break his heart neither touch her until she willingly wants

To have fun. For the love, the man has for her and because he wants to show her that it is not

All men who are the same, the man signed those papers and was taken care of her like eggs

Fragile and delicate which ladies really are. They continued in this position for months

And though some of the man’s friends do abuse him for being too simple, myopic and taken

To the rules of ladies when there are other ladies around that he could be involved with who

Are prettier, more beautiful, more knowledgeable, wealthier, but he had told them that he

Knows all of those, and as they knew him that he also is not a dullard and has been involved

In other ladies before her, but he has found something special in her that he cannot express,

His mind has been telling him that he should not leave her and as they all know that the

Sage ones have been saying that “wise people learn to follow their hearts in all they are

Doing” he wants to be in the company of the wise people by for once on the matter of been

Romantically involved with the opposite sex follow his heart because he has not been

Following his heart for a while now on the issue. After his friends have been told this they

Agreed with him and had left him alone to satisfy his conscience on the issue. Years after,

Their relationship transcended from the initial phase and they got married. She was the

Product of the marriage. And as she continues to grow, her mother has continued to tell her

Of the need to be mindful of the friends she keeps especially the male friends that she gets

Herself involved with because they are dangerous, they are green snake under the green

Grass she has continued to tell her what she passed through when she was in her teenage

Years, how she was not able to receive correct judgement despite years of legal pursuits

And how that has negatively affected her self-esteem, her education until she was moved

Away from their island to another island.


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