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She Wakes Her Up #1

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

Rotimi and Ronke Ogundare lying the floor

Rotimi and Ronke Ogundare lying the floor

On the immediate that she sets her eyes on him, she has loved him. She has been new in

The environment and was looking for someone who will be her companion, albeit, as her

Parents had taught her, she should always seek for person of the same sex to be

In companionship with than being in the companion of someone of the opposite sex. This

They had hammered to her when She was ten years old, because her mother wants her to

Make it early in life and would not want her to fall into the pit she had fallen to when she was

Young, she does not want her to make the same mistake that she had made thence, she had

Repetitively narrated to her, her bitter experience in life, which eventually becomes a clog to

The wheel of her progress in life. When her mother was young, she used to find comfort and

Pleasure in the companionship of the opposite sex than in the company of people of the

Same sex as her. She continued to grow in this environ and had been raised up like that,

Thence she usually disdains the companionship of people of the same sex as her, in fact she

Used to flee them like plague and had considered this normal in her life. To this, her

Parents too never raise an eyebrow, they never talked to her on this, for they also thought

All children are children, whether males or females and had not been suspicious of anything

Thinking of the danger that such may pose to their daughter in the nearest future of her

Life. They considered those children to have been raised up by moral standing parents like

Them who would tell their children that they should treat all well, irrespective of gender, and

Should value people of opposite sex they are in companionship with. But they were sore

Mistaken in this belief of theirs and this they shall get to know about verily later when what

They had not expected happened unto their daughter while in the companionship of her male

NG 1 1:59 / 2:28 Wake Up! School Assembly Song and Dance from Songs For EVERY Assembly by Out of the Ark Music

Friends. It had happened on a Saturday evening when their daughter was in woods in the

Company of her male friends, they usually go to the place to play, and thence when they were

Headed for the place, no one thinks of any foul play, neither imagining that they had some

Mischievous agenda for the teenage girl who was in their company. While they were in the

Woods playing those guys had ganged raped her such that she became unconscious and she

Was rescued by someone who was passing by and having known her in the neighborhood had

Taken her to her parents house. When they saw her she was taken to the nearby cottage

Hospital where the medical personnel on duty had worked on her for hours before bringing

Her around from the land of the unknown that her spirit has traveled to. After she has been

Revived then they told her parents that she had been gang raped and she narrated the

Incident to her parents. Her parents had gone to the houses of some of those guys and others

Who had accompanied them to perform the dastardly act with law enforcement agencies and

Had taken them to court. The case had pussyfooted in the law court for years, and at the

End of those years, the Jurist has struck out the case for no merit. However, in the

Meanwhile, the lady herself was full of shame while working around and hardly did she has

Friends in the neighborhood to be associated with again, for such in the island is a taboo.

She was stigmatized. Because of this She was unable to face her academics as she should

with her hearts wandering off the class and school on several occasions. This their teachers

Have noticed and had reported to her parents advising that she be taken to children

Psychologists to talk to her so that she will come out of the shock and would change her

Disposition and would forget the ugly incident that happened to her and would focus on

Her academics. Her parents did listen to her teachers and took the necessary steps

Including contacting the psychologists. They all come together to her aid, but their best

For her never yielded any positive results.


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