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She Took the Risk No Lady Could Take #4

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


On an occasion she claims to see the spirit of her father appearing to her in

The wilderness and telling her the locations of those deadly animals, telling her what she

Does not know how those things were achieved and she was able to overcome those animals

And then she continued to where those pearls are located through the sensory organs in

Her breasts that got stimulated. When she got to the right spot, she says, all the sensors of her

Breast was stimulated once, and it was as if she was on heat, for intercourse, the breasts

Nipples pointed, and then all the sensory organs were stimulated, she knows that she has

Gotten to the site. Then according to what the man has stated that she needs to go along with

Some of the new technologies, she has spoken to the people that she will shot something into

The firmament the flame of which will arise to the firmament as if something is being

Burnt and then the people shall know she has succeeded in locating the place. This she did on

The seventh day of entering the wilderness and when the people saw the smoke they shouted

For joy, while her mother busted into tears of joy for the success her daughter has

Achieved for the island. The warriors, Scientists, researchers, among other people within the

Island broke into the island and Started tracing the flame. It was not long before they locate

Where she is. They started the drilling, and they could see some of the marks of those

Ancient three people there, it has been covered with dusts, leaves and other things, on

Discovering this, they were convinced that those ancient warriors really worked and located

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The place, but it was unfortunate that they couldn’t do more than that before their lives

Were snuffed out of them by those terrible animals about two decades ago. While working on

The site, those engineers at site, asks that she be airlifted back to the island, and she agrees

Because she knows she has finished her part, and she should leave the rest to those who

Are experts in the field to work. She was taken back to the island in helicopter where her

Mother has been waiting for her to welcome her among other dignitaries of the island.

Different Instruments where moved to the site for work while excavation continues.

Different costly pearls were discovered in the site, and when they were taken to the

Laboratories for analysis, they were really things that the world desire for. Through that the

Island was delivered, and they now become one of the richest islands in the World. her

Name entered the books of the successful people within the island at her teenage Year. The

Historians of the island too started teaching people about her, and the need to always have

Brave women in our midst. Many of the younger ones within the island also looks forward to

Becoming like her, thence they also state to always put their all into all they are doing as From thenceforth.


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