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She Took the Risk No Lady Could Take #3

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As their historian teachers have been telling them that their island is yet at the cauldron

Of economic darkness because there have been no savior since those brave men, she has also

Been nursing it in her mind to put her feet into the shoes of her father to see how she could

Deliver her island. Thence, she has taken additional steps and had made attempt at

Contacting some spiritualists of her days to know what she could do and how she could go

About it. For she really desires to deliver her people from economic slavery as it has been

Stated that the pearl would deliver the island from economic slavery if they could be

Accessed and start exporting to other lands. Their economy has been revolving around

Loans according to the economists within the island, if they really want to be freed, they

Ought as a people and island to be exporting something out, it is when what they are

Exporting out exceeds what they are importing that the island would really be freed. This

Freedom she craves for, she does not want her children to suffer as she has suffered, because

Many of the policies roll out for them by those who have borrowed them money are

Hostile policies, which makes the poor poorer and some of those who abinitio thought they

Have some hopes have gotten their hopes dashed because of those policies and they have

Been plunged into the sphere of the poverty ones too. In addition to having the mind to

Deliver her people, she also wants to avenge the death of her parents on those animals if she

Could come across them because they denied her the right of knowing her loving and caring

Father who used to talk to her when she was yet in the womb of her mother. The priests

She has contacted has told her all she needed for the trip and of course she will also be in

Need of some of the recent things in the world for the world is not a static place, those priests

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Have told her and above all she will need to be brave, and fearless. After getting all the

Trainings she needed, including getting some of the things her late father has used, which

Her mother has furnished her with, she prepared to go into the wilderness to seek for the

Location of the pearls. But suddenly, her mother who has for a while been supportive

Turned around to supporting her and had brought fear into her mind, telling her that she

Should not go into the wilderness for she is the only one she has, since her father’s demise

She has been looking unto her, and now that she has come of age, at the time she ought

To be given her psychological support is when she wants to do what others dare to do. She

Was not totally in support of her trying to be the deliverer again. As she keeps weighing her

Down with her words, she has told her like one of the Queens in the Holy Writ has told

Her that, and if I perish, I perish. After she has said this, she went out from her presence

And since she has made up her mind, her mother knows that she cannot be stopped again.

She entered the wilderness and what they thought would be hard for her to achieve, she

Achieved easily, and as the gods have stated in the histories, there was something at the

Nipple of her breasts that are always stimulated when she was on the right track to where the

Pearls are being hidden, and when she wants to miss the road, she will not sense those

Things again.

Note: Quoted Bible Verse

Esther 4:16


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