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She Took the Risk No Lady Could Take #2

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This incident has been included in the history of the island which they are being taught in

Their schools to know what the ancient leaders have passed through, and with the hope that

One day there would be someone who will be able to damn the consequences and deliver the

People of the island by entering the wilderness, overcoming the animals, and getting the

Pearls for the people. None has been able to move close to what the three powerful ones have

Gotten to before their demise, and since those who have made attempts at salvaging the

Situation for the people of the island have died mysterious deaths even while preparing,

No one within the island thinks of trying to enter the wilderness again. The people of the

Island, have been said to shift their focus from the wilderness to another thing, when they

Have heard that people who wanted to go into the wilderness have died without moving

Close to where those three ancient powerful have gotten to before their deaths, and the focus

Has been on the new technologies introduced into the island. Since that has been the new

Trend in the global village, they do not wish to be left behind in the scheme of

Development in the world. what those ancient powerful have pictured for the leaderships of

The island about the pearl has shown that those buried pearls in the soil if they could be

Found also contain some other minerals that could be used in manufacturing some things,

But none wants to die for the island again. In the meanwhile, their history teachers in the

Schools have been of different mind when teaching them about the history of the pearls

Found by those three warriors, they have said, that among the documentations in the

Histories handed to them, they have stated that one of the most reverend priest in the island

While communing with the gods have included in one of its findings that one of the gods

Stated that it is a lady who could break the jinx, for ladies have something on their bodies

That would serve as sensors with which they would be able to isolate the specific location of

The pearls within the wilderness. This has led to some ladies trying to go into the wilderness,

Céline Dion - I Surrender (from the 2007 DVD "Live In Las Vegas - A New Day...")

But they have also died painful deaths, because they have not been well prepared for the

Task before they took the adventurous trip. Since, then the people have lay low, and they

Have forgotten all about the pearls. This young lady has picked greater interest in this pearl,

She has also consulted her mother to know more about the pearl, since she has been told

By her mother and people around that her late father had been one of the brave three warriors

Killed by the animals when they invaded the island about nineteen years ago. She has made

Inquiries to what her father looks like from her mother, and her mother has told her that

Her father loves her fatherland dearly, and she could do anything for the upkeep, survival and

The growth of their island, it was for this that he has joined forces with those warriors to

Ensure that their island is delivered from economic slavery. In addition to the love her

Late father has for his fatherland, he also demonstrated uncommon love for her, and when

She becomes pregnant for him, the love for her was doubled by her father, and he will call

Her beautiful names, like My Dove, My Angel, My Eagle, and he often kisses kiss her

When she was in her uterus, by kissing her abdomen, talking to her when she was in her

Womb that the baby must be brave, fearless, bold, inspiring, beautiful and if a male very

Handsome. He was a very caring man, handsome, understanding, wonderful and brave.

These and many other stories her mother used to tell her about her late father, and these

Words she always goes around with, and she will be imagining the painted picture of her Father in her mind every day.


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