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She Took the Risk No Lady Could Take #1

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


About 18 years ago when the uncommon incident happened in the island, one of the

Dangerous animals living in the desert has entered the island, it stayed within the center of

The island for about seven days, during which period the people could barely go out, the

King of the island has issued out warning through the town criers that the people should

Stay within the confines of their compounds until solution be found to the dangerous animal

Who hath came with its children into the midst of the island. However, some people who

Thought they were powerful ones, ignored the counsels and the warnings of the king of

The island as they went out, obviously to face the animal and they were killed. About three

Of them were killed, and the dangerous animals feasted on their bodies. While this was

Happening the King and the chiefs-in-council deliberated for days on what to do about

The unwanted visitors which have penetrated the island. After series of meeting, with no

Headway through because the chief hunter of the island was among the people that the

Animals have killed. The priest was contacted who after consulting with the gods told

Them what they need to do and the animals would return into their base, in the wilderness.

They did prepared some things which were taken to a selected portion within the island at

The midnight, and the smell of the sacrifice provided was the one perceived by those

Animals which made them left the island as the gods have stipulated, but they could not

Perceive the odor until the third day after the sacrifice has been placed at that position.

It took them another, two days to leave the island. After they left the island, the chief told

Them according to what the gods have said that they should leave the desert of the dangerous

Animals alone for a decade, that after a decade, there would be solution to the animals. Thus,

The Risk - Missiles (Official Video)

A command was issued out to those who used to go to the island to desist from going to

The island for a decade. Since the people know what had happened, they complied with the

Orders of the leaderships of the island. However, during the time that the animals entered the

Island there was a woman who was pregnant, and she delivers her baby, who is a baby girl

Three weeks after the animals have left the island, her father was one of those killed by the

Animals. At the end of a decade, the people of the island have ignored the wilderness

Completely and they are making do with another thing, as civilization has brought into

The world. There has been repeated revelations from people of the island about the

Wilderness that there is a portion of land within the wilderness where pearls could be found

Those who have entered the place at a time or another could testify to this, including the

Father of the baby as he used to tell his wife before his demise, and they have stated that they

Have plans of going into the wilderness to get the pearls for if they can get the pearls, the

Story of the island would change and they will stop being a dependent country for the

Pearl itself, is enough to be source of income for the island for generations to come, thus,

They had gathered themselves together and have been undergoing series of trainings on how

To penetrate the wilderness, combating with the dangerous animals there with one hand,

While others would be working on the sites of the pearl to get the thing mined and for

Exportation they had been promised wonderful things by the leaderships of the island if they

Could achieve that for the island, for their names would be in gold, and they would be

Honored above their peers. They were on this when the animals entered the island, as if they

Had known what the people wanted to do, and they have come to try them and the people

Have failed since they have been killed by those animals.


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