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She Takes Her Life Back - Poem

Rinita is a creative writer, with focus on poetry. She delves into several forms including Haiku/Senryu, Sonnets, Free Verse, and Prose.


This poem is a result of a chain of thoughts dwelling on what would happen if a calamity killed us all. No, this is not to scare anyone or add fuel to the recent fire of pandemic panic. This is just a reflection on the possibilities of nature getting back her lost life.

The Poem

The painted bank of the serene river

There she sits with folded arms and a gaze

Her mind takes her back to the days of yore

When Archee* sat beside her just to laze

Many millions of moons passed since then

Oh! How she has struggled through her fears

The water was once as clear as sunshine

And now, it is muddled with her ceaseless tears

They changed the names of the mountains

The peaks of which she once brightened

With her long locks made of icy-white glaciers

And her golden braids of sunlit dawns on end

Her gown was once a peaceful hue of green

Foliage and blooms formed a delicate pattern

They painted over it with brown and ash

And colors hitherto unknit by her yarn

Yell she could not, violence not her forte

She laid out her brown shawl and simply wept

One day, she thought, when the worst is done

She will dip her tired ankles in a pitcher she kept

Eons passed, stifled was she, when tides turned

An unnamed monster engulfed the humankind

Swiftly, her couture began regaining its colors

Red, yellow, white adorned her sleeves of one of a kind

She was aghast yet pleased at the sudden change of fortune

She’d kiss the hands of the monster if found somewhere

“Thank you for giving back my life”, she’d say

And begin afresh, build anew, right from there

And now her mind back to the serene river

Where Beehum** pecks nimbly at her ears

As promised, she dips her ankles into the water

Her pitcher of a million years of sweat and tears

* Archaeopteryx

** Bee hummingbird

© 2020 Rinita Sen