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She Satisfied Him with Love

I like adding life to lifeless lives that is why I cannot do without creative writing, because it is a way of touching some hopeless lives


1. He looked right and

Left to ensure that

No one is coming

Neither anyone at sight

2. After ensuring that the

Place is secured its

Only him there, he

Started digging the ground

3. Intermittently during the period

Of digging would stop

To see if the

Place is yet secured

4. The earth crust is not

Hard for it rained

Few days back. Soon

Finished digging the land

5. Put what he wants

To hid inside the

Soil covered it and

Planted a tree there

6. The planted tree is

A sign and to shift

Curious people’s mind when

Get to the location


7. If such is not

Done, some inquisitive minds

Could unearthing it and

The secret would be known

8. He left for home

Everyone who gets there

And sees the planted

Tree looks ‘n’ passes by

9. It has been years

Since this was done

He is living alone

Given none a chance

10. None can enter his

Life again, having been

Jilted by his “Ex”

He sealed his heart

11. He loved his “Ex”

With all he had

Never believed his eyes

When he saw her

12. In the arms of

Another man caressing her

Laughing hilariously subsumed in

His arms didn’t see him


13. She confirmed when contacted

Saying he should ‘ve

Seen that long before

Then for it’s unhidden

14. “Thinking you want to

Be second fiddle that’s

Why you kept coming

To me” She echoed

15. Left him unceremonially, without

Waiting for a reply

From him. His mouth

Opened can’t be closed

16. Before he got over

This took time and

On getting over decides

To bury his love life

17. I will never love

Again, neither wants anyone

To love me again

There is no love

18. Talk from people fell

To deaf ear for

He didn’t listen as

He became man alone


19. She was new on

The earth and during

The course of movement

Before getting a shelter

20. Discovered the planted tree

Of yesteryears while resting

Under the tree saw

Something that was strange

21. Still new, on earth

Had time, she tried

To push the root

Of the tree apart

22. As she does this

Hole seen, “this’ weird”

She said to self

Something must be here

23. Nothing to work with

Its painful, had to

Give it time, covered

Back and left place

24. Her mind was there

The following day returned

To the site with

Utensil to use there


25. After un-earthing discover it

Was love that has

Been buried. Oh no

Shouldn’t be, covered back

26. He on other hand

Continued his lifestyle with

No female acquaintance again

Wasn’t moved by any

27. The new one has

Been integrated into the

Society transacting businesses with

Others within and without

28. He and she met

Their souls also met

And he became moved

Firstly in many years

29. Has anyone un-earthen the

Love I hid? It’s

Strange. He rushed there

And found her there

30. Taking care of the

Love he has hid

Watering and pruning the

Tree by day and night

31. This is my heart

She said, when he

Comes he would know

I ‘ve found him

32. She stayed there, his

Heart could not leave

Her to be alone

Returned there and connected

33. He thence knew happiness,

Joy and peace as

She satisfied him with

Genuine and uncommon love


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