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She Sat Alone in a Crowded Room Full of Laughter

I love to rhyme, therefor, I write poetry and if my muse is awake I love to write short stories. My name is Ruby. I am a retired RN.


She was pleasantly surprized when he removed a tissue from his pocket to wipe away a tear.

Mary sat alone in a crowded room full of laughter and glee

She needed desperately to find hope and friends but both seemed to always flee

Oh, she'd had male friends, and they were nice but nothing seemed to click

She'd had female friends but nothing close enough to stick

She thought about the old country song, " Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places "

Is that what She'd done? Thinking back and seeing all those blank faces

She'd thought about moving to a quiet little town away from the big city

but something held her back, was it self pity?

She knew feeling sorry for herself was just a wasted emotion

Yet her tears fell endlessly when alone and away from any commotion

She found herself sitting in a mall watching the people pass by

Then she noticed the marquee showing her kind of movie, the ones that made her cry

she purchased a ticket, sat in the balcony alone in the front row

Soon a young man asked if he could join her. He introduced himself as Joe

She nodded " yes " and he quietly sat down

Soon they were talking and laughing. What happened to her frown?

She was pleasantly surprised when he removed a tissue from his pocket wiping away a tear

The scene was so sad. She was choking back tears, fearing he would think her weird

When the movie ended, Joe asked if she would join him for a bite to eat

She answered " yes " and thought " Oh what an unexpected treat "

There was an all-night diner with a small dance floor close by

They walked hand-in-hand, her thinking, " Don't you dare cry, "

This is the day you've been longing for so long

" Enjoy the moment, and thank you God for sending Joe along "

When they were seated Joe popped some quarters in the juke box and lo-and-behold he played her favorite song

Wind Beneath My Wings

As he held her close and guided her across the floor

She whispered softly, " oh my, who could ask for anything more?

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