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She Puts the Wrong Leg Forward

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Her mother died when she was three years old. Her father since then has been taken care of

Her and her elder sister. When the business he was doing in the island plummeted, their

Father applied for visa lottery and was among the luckiest person who was taken. Her father

Left his island for foreign land and there he was able to start all over. He got married to

Another woman in the island where he now lives and gave birth to five children. When her

Father returned to their island, he took her along with him to give her good education. When

She was in the high school her father has been hammering it to her ears that she needs to

Face her education because education is the passport to making it big in life, but she would

Not listen to her father because she dislikes her step mother and she used to think that her

Step mother was maltreating her when she asks her to help her while preparing meal for

Her father and her love. Thus, she feels it is better she leaves the family and be living alone.

But she cannot do this except she has financial muscle to do so. She started thinking of how

To go about this and what comes to her mind is getting romantically involved with a man

In the island. She started seeing one man when she was in the High School and because of

This she was unable to concentrate on her studies. What she was doing grieves the heart of

His father repeatedly and he will call her and talk to her that she needs to make her late

Mother proud by being educated, for it was the desire of her mother before she dies that all

Her children be among the scholars in the world. However, with what she is doing he does

Not see how she will become a scholar. She would not listen to her father and when her

Step mother wants to add a word to what her husband is saying, she will abuse her. When her

Step mother notices that she uses to abuse her, she never dabbles into the discussion between

Her and her father again, it is father and daughter issue she will say and leave them. she

Continued like this, and when the man she was involved with discovered that she is desperate

Lady who wishes to leave her parents he lied to her that if she could leave her education and

Follow her to another island where he has different companies he would make her the chief

Executive of one of the companies. It has been a while that I have been seeking for one who

Will be my eyes overseeing one of those companies he told her. When she hears this she

Considers it the opportunity she has been waiting for to leave her father and become one

Of the big woman in the society if not the world at large at a tender age. This is because soon,

Her fortune will rise when she has become one of the Chief Executive Officers (CEO) of the

Diamond companies of his husband. She did not finish her High School as she left with

The young man to another island. On getting to another island, the young man did not

Introduce her to anything at the inception as he continues to tell her that the papers are yet in

The pipe line, yet to be ready that she should be patient. It was during the process of her

Exercising patience that she took in and when she was pregnant, the young man told her that

She needs to rest and take care of the pregnancy. This was how he lied to her and she became

Full time house wife. After she delivered her first child who is a girl child, before she

Could wean the child, she has taken in again. And the man told her that he has done that

Because he wants them to have all the children they want to have before she officially


Becomes one of the CEO of the Diamond comp-any which he has promised her. Well that

Is not bad, she reasoned and would give birth to two more children after this. After given

Birth to the last son, the man who claims to own the company was sacked. What the woman

Notices was that things changed at home, the food they were eating was reduced, how

They used to spend money the fleet of cars her hubby used to drive home was nowhere to be

Found. When he asks of him of the development of things he will tell him that everything is

In control. She has been living under the subterfuge of lies until one person told her what

Happened and then she knows that her husband was not the owner of the company and she

Has lied to her to marry her. Things have been extremely difficult for the family following

The retrenchment of her husband. She thinks that she cannot sit idly by without doing

Something about it, thence, she tried to get something doing, but the capital to start on a big

Scale is not there. Thence she decided to start on a small scale. It was sad to discover that all

The capital with which she has started the business went down the drain because she was

The bread winner of the family her sacked husband was no longer responsible for the upkeep

Of the family. He now drinks, womanize and does several kinds of things that he has not

Been doing before. To cap it all the money the woman is using to trade with, he will steal

It and lavish it on his women friends. When things become unbearable for the lady she fled

His house to another island living there. Since the man has not shown care for his children,

Those children also left him and went to their mother, started to live with them. In the

Meanwhile her father who has been talking to her that she needs to be educated to make it in

Life, she cannot return to the man, because she knows that the man would not welcome her

Back, she has done very terrible thing against the man and her step mother before she left

Them. One day when her children were sent home from their schools that they would not be

Admitted into the school for the rest of the term except they bring their tuition fees, while

Looking at their children she felt sorry for herself, that she has brought them into

Troubles, only if she has listened to her father, only if she has put the right leg forward, these

That she is experiencing she will never have experienced, but because she was thinking her

Father was not treating her well, she was thinking her stepmother has taken her position

And place with her father therefore she has misbehaved, and has put the wrong foot forward

What she ought to do last she has done first and now she is regretting the steps she has taken

In the past. How she wishes the time could be reversed, but that is not possible, for she

Has been given her own time and she has abused it. She call her children and talk to them,

That they should not fall into the same error that she has fallen into if they want to make it in

Life, they need to give it all it takes to be educated and deliver themselves from shame and poverty.


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