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She Never Cried


Let me tell you about Timmy

Timmy's only alive today

Because someone looked him in the eyes one day

And they saw potential

And so they took him by the hand

And then they gave him a chance

Timmy took that chance

And he turned it into plans

And then he took those plans

And he started to advance

He advanced them into tens of millions in his bank account

Timmy's in the NFL now.

Let me tell you about Molly

Molly was a happy girl

Caught up in her suburban world

She had the perfect family

The perfect life

It was mapped out for her

She was going far

Then one night she went to this party

It got to the point where she could hardly stand

Her drink was laced

This dude had it planned

No one helped

So now Molly's by herself

She missed her period

And so her parent's kicked her out

She's only 17.

There's a strip club on 54th Street

Molly dances there to make ends meet

She has a kid to feed

Didn't get the abortion

'Cause she heard the heartbeat.

One night, Timmy's in this club with his friends

It's all good until Molly comes over to dance

She sees Timmy and starts to freak out

But only in her mind

She stays calm on the outside

Remember the party I told you about?

Timmy was there

He drugged Molly's drink

And then he raped her on the couch

Some of his friend's recorded

But the video never got out

He's felt ashamed ever since that day

But it was too late for shame

So he just continued to play.

Back to that night at the strip club

Timmy recognizes Molly too

And in his mind he's freaking out

'Cause he doesn't know what to do

So both of them do nothing

She gives him a lapdance

And he just hands her the money

Then she walks away

No mention of the child they share

No mention of that day

I mean, she just dance naked for him in front of his friends

What could they say?

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