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She Never Changed

Kate is a Psych Major. A poet by nature. She has a passion for writing and recently, she was hired to be an article writer and contributor.


I remembered you

A months old you

It was like yesterday

when I carried you wearing blue

I remembered the 1st grade you

uttering words that aren't easy to define

but I wasn't deaf and I wasn't blind

I get to understand

I remembered the 3rd grade you

Wearing your school uniform

running from me and telling me stories

about your frenemy

I remembered the 6th grade you

Oh! Those little smirks you make

Those little arguments about your grade

But you cope up that easily and I am much prouder

I remembered the 9th grade you

Discovered the golden voice everyone would wish

Everyone would want to hear and feel

Everyone would want to clap and cheer

I remembered the 12th grade you

I was stun and amazed

You grew up the person I prayed

and value the values instilled

I will always remember

The days and years we grew up together

Those days that you can't figure out

What you want and what you'll become

But now, you are fulfilled with the paths that you are going

and the person you are becoming

And I will always be proud

I have so much respect.

© 2018 Kate Ivy Solatorio

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