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She Needs

David is a digital designer and programmer by trade. He loves to write down ideas, wisdom and philosophy through article and poem creation.

Marching into the dusty sands of the city

How I want to be back in the village, already

Layers of noise increase while traveling to within

Trying to Escape this shopping trip


She needs some clothes

She needs some food

She needs to get out of the house

She needs to unravel this created plan, designed within her precious mind.

Bodies everywhere

Walking fast and slow

Rubbing shoulders

Head down

Queuing for hours in a sweaty warehouse.

Taking a break

Eating cake

Sipping coffee

Staring into the arcade

How long before the escape?

She needs some shoes

She needs something new, anything will do,

She needs to take something back

She needs me to pay for something to take back.

Hours gone

Legs feeling numb

Feet feel like a bodybuilders weight.

Staring down at my watch

Time ticking backward to where we begun

Until something shouts out from a buried hole

“fuck this

I’m done”.

She looks at me with a held glare

To which I feel rather scared

The look of fire, firmly states

‘’Don’t piss me off at this stage”.

I take a breath and compose my thunder

She smiles and begins to wonder…

“we need to go back to that starting place”

The first dress she tried on for a dinner date.

She needs to try on that dress again

She needs matching shoes, knickers and a necklace

She wants it all from depths beyond under

She smiles again as the bags weigh me down

All I have is a deluded frown.

She decides the trip is finally over

She’s in charge

She’s in control

She tells me what the future holds,

Today she wins

My wife.

© 2018 David Irvine

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