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She Loved Me — The calming emptiness of dawn

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I am always fascinated on the power of lyricism and poetry. This poem is inspired by stories about experiences at Silliman Bea


A reaction poetry about love. The lyrics of this poetry was inspired by the Cardigan song lyrics from Taylor Swift. The poem is written in a conversational format. And the verses are focused on a guy expressing his experience on how he fell in love, felt broken, but thanked the pain.

I fell in love

It was strong

It was pure

I could tell it was true

Her sweet smile

Her soft touch

Her gentle voice

Her pleasant face

Is a charming view

But fate staged the biggest prank of my life

Roses are red

Roses are symbols of love

Roses you adore

But roses have thorns

That are as sharp as knives

She left me

I was hurt

No denying

that what looked liked a promising fairytale

Led me broken

Led me crying

And you are here

Telling me

That I was so naive

To believe in her promises

To quickly conclude it was true love

That I fall for a convincing illusion

That I placed too much hope

For a premature happy ending

You are telling me

That I know nothing about love

I am quick to trust

I assumed too much

That I am too blame

For this pain that I am presently suffering


Maybe you are correct

I was foolish

She charmed me

I was quick to take the bait

But can you blame me

For, giving her my all

My heart and soul

When I was lost, who guided me back,

Who held my hand when I was nervous

Afraid to speak in front of a crowd

Afraid to write the poems that draw tears

Who believed in me?

She did

She once believed in me

And I could tell

She loved me,

The melodies of the rain

The calming emptiness of dawn

The warm touch of the sun

Are good memories

And they will remain

With me


I loved her

Because during the time

When I had fear in my heart

When I felt that I am not even worthy to breathe

She came to me

Gave me hope

She loved me

I will miss her

The intimate conversation

The excitement during dinners

The short walks

Movies and all

Simple joys of togetherness

And shared laughter

And this may sound absurd

I will forever be grateful for the pain

Because she loved me

And love, was all I ever wanted

© 2020 Erl Sua

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