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She Left Me Without Any Conflict

Umesh is a freelance writer contributing his creative writings on varied subjects in various sites and portals in the internet.


The human mind plays myriads of games and there are always undercurrents and emotions in the back of our minds leading us to take extreme steps of all kinds in our lives. Even a long time relationship does not stand when such things happen in one's life. This poem is based on a relationship that was apparently an ideal one and there was no reason as to why it should get broken just like that without any fight, conflict, or confrontation.

Some scholars say that monotony and isolation bring bizarre patterns of thoughts in our mind and that triggers some unrealistic actions from our side. At the same time, it is also possible to have a feeling of getting rid of the present bounds and ties in one's life and feel disengaged from it and then go out in search of a new life. Whatever be the reason, breaking a relationship just like that is a big puzzle and it is difficult to decipher that by a simplistic assumptions and could bring sad moments in one's life. If the separation between a couple is after a long drawn fight and confrontation then it is taken as a normal course of action but when it is sudden and unexpected then it is a cause of concern and a mystery in itself.

She left me without any conflict

The fragrance of those days,

Is still lingering in my breath.

Where you rested in my arms,

Relaxing and feeling no threat.

You loved me, I adored you,

We were a loving couple.

I gave you flowers of all kinds,

red, yellow, white, and purple.

I got a good job and was busy,

In making a great career.

You supported me by keeping,

The house in good order.

And then all of a sudden,

You told me that enough was enough.

I was totally taken aback,

When you wanted to separate.

I was dumbstruck not able to make out,

The reasons behind your remorse.

I pursued you much but,

You had decided your future course.

I was at my wit’s end,

Not able to understand your ways.

I wanted to financially help you,

But you refused and did not take.

Woman is a mystery,

Wise and prudent say.

I could not decipher,

Was feeling like a dead prey.

You left me without any fight,

Not a bit of quarrel or conflict.

I am feeling like an accused,

Who had not done any crime.

She left

© 2022 Umesh Chandra Bhatt