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She Is Hopeful, Not Naive And She Sees Everything Clearly...

Emee.chan likes observing the world around her, taking in the beauty and the ugly.

Her eyes take in the world...

Her eyes take in the world...

She Can't Be Deceived, But She Can Hope

Her eyes take in the world around her,
The eyes painted in colors of
The skies, with a tinge of grass.

The calming azure and cerulean
Are mixed with shades of green,
Existing together in harmony.

She looks on in wonder,
Both good and bad,
Observing everything that happens.

She watches people doing
The best they can, working hard,
Showing kindness.

She watches that other side
Of humanity, where there are those
Capable of such monstrosities.

That side of humanity isn't so kind,
Able to destroy everything in sight
And anyone who stands up to them.

There is no kindness, no gentleness
In their actions, only pride and greed.
The sense of shame nonexistent.

Self-obsessed and lustful,
They don't seem very trustworthy.
Cruelty runs through their veins.

And then, she remembers those
Kind and humble, those hardworking.
Those capable of great things.

She realises there is still good
To be found in this world,
The one thrown into utter chaos.

So she continues watching carefully,
Her eyes taking in the world around her.
Her eyes painted in colors of calm blue,
Carrying a tinge of hopeful green within.

She is hopeful.

She is hopeful.

© 2021 Emilija Veljković

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