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She Inherited Grandma’s Quiver


Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


1. Her quiver is full

Full of arrows that

Many desire to have

She values her quiver

2. She protects her quiver

Wouldn’t allow anyone to

Go near the place

Where she keeps it

3. What is not protected

Would be abused, misused

And if care is

Not taken be stolen

4. The quiver she inherited

From her grand mother

Who by her deeds

Talks kept the family

5. Misunderstanding reared its

Ugly head on many

Occasions within the family

To cause total separation

6. When the ugly head

Be risen the grand

Mother in her wisdom

Pull out an arrow

7. From the many inside

The quiver and by

That severed the ugly

Head of the monster

8. Not once or thrice

Had she done this

Which makes granddaughter

To get close to her

9. More than all grand

Children she had she

Was the one that

Was very close to her

10. She was paying close

Attention to everything she

Was doing, and the

Contents of the quiver

11. She knows that the

Quiver was full of

Arrows, thence the use

And how to she notices

12. Learning from her the

Nitty-gritty of those arrows

How, and when to

Use each of them


13. From her she knows

That words spoken in

Its season is good

For all and sundry

14. From her she knows

That people may mistake

Thine patience for timidity

And even ignore thee

15. “Never mind, for the

One who laughs last

Is the one who

Has overcome” grandma said

16. Having been on her

Own and has been

In custody of this

Quiver she’s seen a lot

17. She has saved many

Through arrows in her

Quiver and has established

Herself through the usage.

18. Now she is become

The cynosure of all

Eyes, the looked-for

One at many occasions.


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