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She Hides His Identity for Shame #4

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication

And she has been convinced that this is what he meant by when the time and occasion

Comes and she is ready to prove to him that she meant every of the words she has been

Uttering to him on the social media. The man apologized if he has grieved her by any of

Those decisions he has made and by him insisting on doing it his own way. The lady

Replied that apology accepted since he has told her where she resides in, she will be there

At the set time and would prepare delicious meal for him. After they had completed their

Conversation on the social media, the lady was elated to hear that the man has a job and

He is living in a big apartment with security guarding the building. None of his people live in

Such apartment and neither is she living in an apartment with security agents. Thence she

Believes that the man would also be rich or comfortable so to say, because it is people

Who are rich in the island who could afford something like that, people who are below

Average like her and her family members couldn’t afford such. As from thence forward, she

Continues to dream of the day, how the day would look like and whenever she chats with

The man on the social media all her talk has been on the day, and trusting that he also is

Getting ready for that day, a day of reckoning. The young man was not the owner of the

Building, the building is for one of his uncles who is has traveled out of the island on a

Special assignment with his family and since houses cannot be uprooted, he has asked his

Brother to once in a while be visiting the place to ask from the securities things that needed

To be done there if there is anything and give him the report back. The man is also jobless

Because he is lame man, and as many have seen been lame to be a disease in the island from

Where he has come from, he has been a street beggar which is the common thing in the island

For people who are lame. Instead of finding something doing they will start begging

Around. This is his work. After arranging with the security to give the lady the keys, he also

Arranged with the security to spray something into the room when it is 2030 hours, what he

A Life of Regrets (An Original Chester See Song)

Asks him to spray contains drugs that will make the lady or anyone around to sleep off.

He has gotten a drug that would inhibit the effects of the drugs on him intact. The lady arrives

As promised and while preparing the meal she discovers that she is drowsy, which is unlike

Her when preparing a meal. She has to put off the Gas and went and lie inside, she has

Barely lay on the bed that she slept off and by the time she wakes up she could not imagine

What she finds by her side, the person sleeping next to her who obviously has had carnal

Knowledge of her for that has been obvious has been a lame man. The same man she uses

To see his photo on the social media. Though she uses to see his photos but she never sees

Him standing and she has not bothered to ask. Then she reasons, he has been avoiding

Meeting with her because of his mien. What has happened has happened, he is also a

Human being she reasoned, then she asks him for his job and he could not speak well, she

Later discovers that he was a beggar. She was not happy with herself. And started praying

That the intercourse would not lead to pregnancy, but her prayers were not answered as

She discovered a month after that she has taken in, the singular shot at goal has hit the target

Since she has been brought up by moral parents, and she has been told that what she cannot

Create she must not destroy, she has left the pregnancy intact and has put to bed

Sometimes during the lockdown period. Everyone asks her for her husband and the father

Of the baby, but she couldn’t produce the father of the baby for shame. Since she has

Refused showing the people the father of the baby, they had left her alone, as some

Believed that the father of the baby lives outside the island….


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