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She Hides His Identity for Shame #3

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The lady asks him reason why he seeking for a lady with regular menstruation and he

Replied that because he wants their one-time meeting to be productive and result in what

They are hoping for, for if that does not happen on a one-time level, there may be problems

He may not have time and times again like that, but when that happens on a one-chance

Level, he assuredly will know that the lady is productive and they will proceed to the next

Phase of the relationship. Since she has agreed that she wants to be pregnant for him because

Of how she has been looked down upon by relatives, friends, and others in the society,

She really did not want to ask him another question, she wants the deal done and sealed

Immediately. She is convinced that, a one-time blow will do the work on her and would

Gladdens his heart. She thereafter says that she is convinced that he will be happy with

What he will see and meet by the time they meet. The man says, he will be enormously

Grateful if that happens for that he has been looking forward to all these years. Then she asks

How to locate him, and he told him where his residence is, that he has not looked for a

Lady outside his island because of the deal and because of the nature of his work, for he

Really does not have time to travel to other islands, which if he has been romantically

Involved with a lady outside the Island would demand from him. The lady says he

Understands. As he continues to tell her she should arrive the area around 2000 hours and it

Would be on the fourteenth day before her next menstrual flow, for during that time, a

Singular attack would do the work. He adds that he will leave the spare keys to his

Apartment with the Security, and he will instruct the security man that he will have a visitor

Who will arrive at the time and he should give her the keys to his apartment. When she enters

The house she can get foods prepared among other things for he will really want to taste

Her meal that night before they have fun together. The lady was delighted to hear that he has

Been looking forward to eat his prepared meal and she promises him that she will prepare

Good meal for him, the ones he has never tasted at the restaurants neither prepared by

Himself as he claims that he also is a good cook. She told him that because he has limited

Time according to what he has stated he would likely not have been able to prepare

The kind of meal she will prepare for him that night, for the night would be a memorable

One for both of them, a night that they will continue to remember forever, a night that he will

Remove her shame, and a time she will make him happy after all his cries, and

Disappointments; a time she will rekindle his lost hopes of getting a lady to be married

To in life again, a time that she will comfort his comfortless and deserted places, for she

Believed it is because of the many disappointments that he has had from previous ladies

That he has been involved with, that has been the main reason for him not wanting to

Spare time to even see her physically because she knows that whomsoever a person loves or

Whatever is special in ones life one would always make time for. He has not been able

To Create time for her because he is still brooding over those past incidents because his

dreams have been shattered repeatedly, even after he has meet her on the social media and

They have been continuing their acquaintance and she has been doing all within her

Power to fulfill all his conditions even when they have not been verily convenient for her,

But which she has been doing those to tell him that he is everything to her, that he has been

Her Dream come true, he has been her only dream in life, he has been the only star in her

Firmament, yet he has rarely believed her and has not been able to create time to meet

With her in person though she has requested for this time without number but all he has

Continue to say has been when the time comes they will meet.

The Deception Song


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