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She Hides His Identity for Shame #2

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Pressures continue to mount on her that she needs to produce a man who shall be the

Crown of her head because according to the belief of the people of the island, ladies do not

Have time unlike men who could still be married at 100 years and still have children, but

For a lady to have children she must make hay while the sun shines, she needs to get

Married when she is still menstruating. Thus, the aged in the island used to put across a

Proverb that says, “it is not long that ladies get to the twilight of their lives”. They continued

To hammer that into is ossicles and external pinnae of the need to do something about

That urgently after all she has achieved her aim in life. Well, she was not thinking that she

Has arrived as she was also aiming for another mountain to be surmounted, she wants to

Acquire another degree. In the meanwhile when the pressure was too much on her she

Cave in to the pressure and starts looking for who will be the crown of her head. But as if all

Of the males around have had meetings on her that as per this lady no one should be involved

With her, thence, she discovers that no male comes nigh her, even those who have been

Playing with her when she has nothing in mind started fleeing her. All of them would put up

An excuse or another for been far from her. Then comes a man whom she met on the social

Media, the man was handsomely looking from all vantage views on the social media and

She has been happy that at last she has found someone whom she can call hers, she has found

A dream of hers. As they continued with their acquaintance on the social media, then the man

Puts it across to her that if she will be married to him, then she must be pregnant for him

Before he will be able to do some other rites on her. This generated a lot of furor between

Them on the social media for she has been thinking that as she has found a dream called hers

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She can now inform her people that “at last she has got someone and they should choose

A day for their introduction among other rites according to the customs of the island. But the

Man insisted that she must be pregnant for him. In the meanwhile their conversations have all

Been on the Social media, as she has not met with the man physically. Since it is the

Expectations of many people who get married to have children, she thinks well, there is

Nothing bad in her getting pregnant for the man she really loves, the only man who has

Shown interest in her, the only person who has told her that he wants to marry her. She

Asks for how they will meet because there is no way she can become pregnant through their

Meetings on the social media without them meeting physically. Then the man told her where

He will meet her and how the meeting shall take place. He describes to her his place in

The Island and that when he expects her to meet with him is on the night at a location where

She calls his house. He used to go to office, he told her, and his work was a tedious one, he

Finishes around 2200 hours and would get home around 2230 hours as he would be

Dropped by the official vehicle. So he told her if she has agreed to his terms and conditions

That she will become pregnant for her before any other things could be done, there is another

Condition that she needs to fulfill, after fulfilling the condition, then he will tell her how

To go about locating her and meeting with him physically. She asks of what the new

Condition to be fulfilled was and he asks her of when she used to see her menstruation. She

Told him the date that she uses to see her menstruation and that it has been regular since

She has come of age. The man replied that is good, such a lady he has been seeking for, he is

Not looking for a woman with regularly irregular menstruation nor a lady with irregularly

Irregular menstruation.


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