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She Hides His Identity for Shame #1

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She had issues with her academics, when she was in the High School, as such she was

Unable to make her results like other mates of hers’ but she was resolute that she will further

Her academics, none of her parents could exceed the primary school level, she wants to

Break that jinx. She is of the mind that many of the problems she and her other siblings

Are facing are essentially because their parents’ education do not exceed the primary school

Level, for the world abruptly changed and the leaderships of the island started valuing

Education which was not like that before. What was in vogue before was artisanship,

Becoming business persons and her parents had told her at a time that assuming they know

That the world would change like that, they would have given it all it takes to further their

Academics, even if the duo could not further their academics, at least one of them would

Have sacrificed for the other party to further her or his academics. But the time has gone

Now, they cannot do that, even if they desire to do that, they do not have the financial

Muscle for even the children they have given birth to, they have been having difficulties

In sponsoring them. thence, they decided that it is their children who should give it all it

Takes to continue with their education. They will try their best to sponsor them to a certain

Stage but subsequently after that, they are the ones who will continue with the rest, they

Said to each other and their children, thence they had encouraged them to put their minds in

What they are learning in their schools. However, because of lack of money some of her

Siblings could not further their academics as it happened to their parents and after they

Had finished from the high school, they had gone and learn some trades, however, in her

Case she decides that she will not do that, she will give it all it takes to further her academics

DECEPTION | Christina Grimmie (Side A EP)

She has fallen now, because the result of her final papers were not good, but she decides

That she must rise again, it is someone who does not rise up again after fallen down that is

Bad in her case she is determined to rise again. Thence after her High School with woeful

Result she decides to go and re-enroll in another High School very far from their island for

She presumed that some of the people she has been working with in the island were not

Helpful at all, because their minds were not on academics, many of them all they have

Wanted to get out of the school is certificate of attendance, they do not have view of the

Future, this is not the case with her, she has view of the future and thence she will not relent

In ensuring that that view is not blocked. Her parents wished her well, telling her that they

Would have been helpful, but the position they are in she knows because she is no longer

A child. she thanked them and asks that they continue to pray for her so that wherever she

Gets to she will meet with the mercies and favor of the Lord. And her parents told her that

They will continue to pray for her. She got to the new environ and she face what was

In her mind squarely not mingling with people of the island because all her mind is on what

Would be done to achieve success. She was not disappointed with the result after sitting for

Final examination as she brilliantly made it from the school. After she has overcame this

Initial mountain she was determined to overcome the next mountain which was graduating

From one of the institutions of higher learning around in her island. She presented her papers

To one of the Teachers Colleges in the island and she was admitted. After overcoming

This mountain and becoming a graduate, she was employed by one of the private institutions

Around but she was without a partner. Several of her mates are married with children and her

People have been asking her that she comes forth with a partner, but a partner cannot be

Manufactured from the blue sky as she did not give that a thought while she was in the school

And she has been concentrating on her education.


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