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She Feels Peace

I am studying in college for my medical administration degree. I blog about poetry and short stories.


Why Did I Write This

I wrote this because it was me at one point.. I had a war going on inside of me and it took a major toil on me. I found myself sitting in front of the pond outside of my apartment and it helped. I felt at ease the longer I sat there, it helped calmed the war. I believe that many people can relate to this particular situation.

Here is the poem:


She sits in the sand

watching the wind move the water

she can hear the bird singing

this song different from the last

she's relaxed here

she can finally catch her breath

because sometimes there's a war

inside her and she hates it

but sitting in this warm, golden sand

she can finally feel peace.

Final Thoughts

Do you ever feel like things are too much? Do you have that specific place you go whenever things are overwhelming? I feel we all do and we go there when we're trying to find peace.I think it's healthy to get away for awhile and find the peace within yourself again.

See you later darlings!

© 2019 Tia Miller

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