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She Escapes Me

Poetry is turning out to be a very cathartic medium, I should do this more often.

Set the Mood

She had eyes that could burn holes through steel.

She had eyes that could burn holes through steel.

She came to me in my time of need,

Her heart was full with lustful greed.

Presenting her field that desired a seed,

“Your heart for mine,” was all I plead.

The room began to fill with emotion,

Carnal desires caused a commotion.

Sailed her body like I’d sail the ocean,

Only to find myself in position for demotion.

To her I was but a fine piece of meat,

A sweet snack and nice little treat.

She was but a trick, truly a cheat,

And she had placed me beneath her feet.

Screams of pleasure had filled my ears,

Deafened me to proof of my fears.

Thankfully she would never jeer,

But never could I hold her dear.

No, she went and was on her way,

Despite my begging to have her stay.

Wild by night, but a saint by day,

I’d yearn for when we’d once again play.

Let Her Go

There is a time in every man's life where he will come across a woman that he just cannot tame, nor should he even try to do so. Her beauty will encaptivate him, she will play with his every desire, and he will believe he has her right where he wants her. Then the tables will turn, and he'll realize she was the one who had him wrapped around her finger.

Boys, men, let these ladies run wild and free; you cannot contain the raw passions of those whom are masters of their own world.