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She Doesn't Know She's Beautiful

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Chloe has a Bachelors degree in Creative Writing. Her favorite genre is teen fiction and she hopes to one day write a best-selling novel.

She doesn't know she's beautiful
It's in the way she walks, she talks
The way she moves when she thinks no one is looking
The way she tilts her head when she laughs
She doesn't know she's beautiful

But this beauty isn't just about physical appearance
It's about her soul
She has such a gentle heart
Caring for everyone around her
And this is what creates that beauty

She doesn't know she's beautiful
And I'm not the only one who sees
There are few among us who recognize it
Staring amazed as she passes
Not knowing what makes us stare

She's an amazing girl
With a heart more pure than you can know
But it's difficult when all you see is the outside shell
Hiding nearly everything she is
Covering up the beauty

You're Beautiful!!!
I want to scream, to shout
To make her understand
But she doesn't know she's beautiful
She doesn't know she's wonderful

She thinks beauty lies in clothing, makeup, jewelry
She thinks it lies in her appearance
She doesn't realize how wrong she is
She doesn't realize that true beauty
Comes from within

She doesn't know she's beautiful
She doesn't know that some would give the world
To see her smile just for them
To see her open up and let the beauty free
To see her comfortable with all that she is

Wait for the one who can see you for that beauty
Wait for the one who can see past the mask
Past the clothing, and makeup, and stuff
That fill up your life
And fill up your heart

Because no matter what
You're beautiful
I mean it with all my heart
You're more beautiful than you imagine
And knowing it's the hardest part

© 2010 Chloe

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